Elle Fanning Becomes Unofficial Prom Queen Of Cannes Film Festival 2016

Elle Fanning just became the unofficial prom queen of Cannes Film Festival 2016. The 18-year-old actress recreated the magical high school rite of passage on the red carpet of Cannes and she totally rocked it.

“While her friends were doing last-minute primping and cramming into limos to attend senior prom, 18-year-old Elle Fanning was 6,000 miles from her Los Angeles home, working the red carpet at Cannes in a bid to promote her new film, The Neon Demon,” reports USA Today. “But while Dakota’s little sister may have missed out on the obligatory selfies and sob-inducing-forever-young ballads, the night wasn’t all work. In a sweet, black-and-white photo shared to Instagram, Fanning revealed that her date flew all the way to France so they could have their own prom — crisp tux, couture dress and all.”

Check out the classic stairway prom picture she took with her date from the United States.

Elle Fanning can rest assured that her dress probably beat all of the tacky, over-decorated ones that her high school frenemies wore to the school gym.

“Strapless with a corset upper, the dusty pink number boasted a netted skirt with train and was embellished with roses for a feminine aesthetic,” reports Daily Mail. “Upping the ante even further, she accessorised with a ruby pendant necklace which drew attention to her neckline.”

She even posted a picture of her posing on the red carpet for everyone to admire.

@zuhairmuradofficial @tiffanyandco ???????????????? #cannes2016

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Elle Fanning did not have it easy to end up on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2016. She is the star of The Neon Demon, which garnered a fair amount of attention in the south of France. When speaking about her experience filming, she reflected on how “extreme” the world of fashion and modeling is.

“I didn’t lose a crazy amount of weight. I think also for Jesse, she’s the new girl, she’s kind of fresh, so it’s OK if she kind of was baby-faced,” she said according to Belfast Telegraph.

“I grew up kind of admiring fashion and loving it and respecting the creativity of it and how beautiful it is. But then after doing this movie, it’s so interesting, because it’s like, ‘Wow, it’s just really all about the way you look.’ You know, it’s totally a physical aesthetic and it’s a lot of pressure on those girls,” she said. “I guess in a way some auditions for movies can be like that as well, but the modelling world is very extreme.”

Red carpet is not a strange and unfamiliar place for Elle. Right before getting to Cannes, she was flaunting her chops at Met Gala 2016. She looked beautiful in a white V-neck gown.

The 18-year-old actress wore “a custom Thakoon Ivory duchesse silk slip gown, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes, Judith Leiber bag and Tiffany jewelry,” reports Just Jared.

Unlike her more famous older sister, Dakota Fanning, Elle is not in a serious relationship. That means that she gets to enjoy more of a free time when she is not engaged in a film project.

After just turning 18, she was seen enjoying herself in the Big Apple.

“Elle Fanning appeared to be enjoying her new found freedom as she was pictured laughing during a rainstorm on Sunday in New York,” reports Daily Mail. “The blonde star was escorted to her hotel by a man with an umbrella as she giggled in the night streets.”

Do you think it’s only a matter of time till Elle surpasses her older sister in the film world?

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]