Almost Half Of US Consumers Couldn’t Care Less About 4G LTE

Despite the fact that wireless carriers spending massive amounts of money to add a 4G LTE network, a survey by Piper Jaffray shows that almost 50 percent of US consumers don’t even care about the idea of the upgraded network.

The survey did show, however, that over half of the consumers surveyed said they are considering buying the iPhone 5 (4G LTE is one of the biggest expected updates to the next generation Apple smartphone), reports Hot Hardwire.

About 47 percent of those who were surveyed even said that they don’t have a need for the upgraded network, and 26 percent stated that all 4G network technologies are exactly the same. 4G LTE was acknowledged as the best option just 15 percent of the time, a good indicator that wireless carriers should be doing a better job educating the public on the difference in 4G technologies and why they are better than the current 3G network that all smartphones run on, according to The Droid Guy.

The survey by Piper Jaffray showed that Verizon is the most popular carrier in the US for a 4G LTE network, with 44 percent showing that they will go with Verizon for the new iPhone compared with 29 percent for AT&T, the phone’s exclusive carrier until two years ago. Sprint was selected 14 percent of the time, and T-Mobile, who doesn’t even carry the iPhone currently, was picked 13 percent of the time.

The Droid Guy notes that, while the Piper Jaffray 4g LTE survey is applicable right now, it will not be true in 2013 when more US consumers are familiar with the new technology.