Patton Oswalt On Wife's Sudden Death: 'There's No Closure'

Patton Oswalt has been grieving in a number of ways since the sudden death of his wife Michelle McNamara. Understandably, following his wife's death, he went silent on Twitter, and then returned to retweet and tweet about his late wife.

Two weeks ago, Patton Oswalt wrote a touching essay on McNamara and the kind of person she was during her life.

As the Inquisitr reported, Oswalt's Time magazine tribute was heartfelt with facts about her work and her life.

"There were also thoughtful, provocative ruminations on abiding crime topics — 'The Big Fake Called The Fugue State,' 'Crowdsleuthing' and 'DNA (hooray).' There was also a fascinating entry called '#bloodbath,' a speculative masterpiece about how the Manson murders might have been different—or not happened at all—if our current social media infrastructure had existed in 1969."

He continued to paint a picture of their relationship and his grief,

"I loved her. This is the first time I've been able to use 'I' writing this. Probably because there hasn't been much of an 'I' since the morning of April 21. There probably won't be for a while. Whatever there is belongs to my daughter—to our daughter. Alice."

He broke his silence on Twitter with the following tweet:

Days later Patton posted his 7-year-old daughter's insights about her mother's death:Of Alice's wisdom beyond her years, Patton gave all the credit to his late wife:

"That's the kind of person Michelle created and helped shape."That was Michelle. That is Michelle."I love her."

Later on he wrote several tweets about Michelle:

In between these touching tributes, Oswalt has peppered with humorous tweets, which he's known for.One of the first tributes to Patton Oswalt's wife was by the Hollywood Reporter, as they wrote,

"It's the ones that really don't get that much attention that interest me because I think what's interesting about them is there's more stuff to be unearthed that hasn't been in the public yet and you can do it."

Patton's most recent tribute is just as heart-wrenching as his last. This time around he took to Twitter to write a heartfelt sentiment:

The actor, who married McNamara in 2005, thanked people who came out to support him in his time of need.

"The reaction to her passing, the people who are shocked at her senseless absence, is a testament to how she steered her life with joyous, wicked curiosity. Her family is devastated but can't help remember all of the times she made them laugh or comforted them, and they smile and laugh themselves. She hasn't left a void. She's left a blast crater."

[Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for LACMA]