Drake Bell Sued By Selena Gomez’s Manager

Drake Bell, former star of the hit Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, is being sued by music producer John Fields for the sum of $36,000. Mr. Fields has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Jimmy Eat World, and the Jonas Brothers.

In the L.A. County Superior Court filing, John Fields claims that he recorded nine songs for Drake Bell as part of the actor-singers 2010 album, A Reminder, but was paid for only five of those songs and even then only partially.

According to Fields, he was supposed to earn $9,000 per song, hence the $36,000 lawsuit. The producer claims that Drake Bell only paid him $5,000 per song, leaving him $4,000 per track short of his promise for tracks he actually received money for producing.

Apparently the recordings weren’t great, and, of the nine songs Mr. Fields produced for Drake Bell, only four made it on to the final version of the album.

Had the album become a huge success, we assume the producer would have sought more money. I dare you to name one track off the album without having to look it up online.

I’m not really sure how this business decision is going to play out for the producer; he is essentially tells the industry that he will create sub-par musical tracks and than sue to collect money on those tracks at a later time.

Hey, at least this time Drake Bell wasn’t left on the side of the road because Miranda Cosgrove found something far more lucrative (iCarly) to do with her time.

Do you think Drake will successfully defend himself against his former music producer?

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