One Direction Fans Invade Dunkirk As Harry Styles Begins Filming

For months now, One Direction fans have set the internet alight with chatter about Harry Styles appearance in Christopher Nolan's World War II movie, Dunkirk. With One Direction currently on hiatus, fans are keen to pick up any real information about Styles and his bandmates, so Harry taking his silver screen bow is huge news.

It is hard to imagine a more dedicated group of followers than One Direction's fans. You can be certain that the fandom's detectives will be hard at work digging out any snippet of information about Styles filming activities. You can also be sure that Styles fans will be keen to take any opportunity to catch a glimpse of Harry whilst he is on set. Just last week, it was reported in the Inquisitr that fans had already managed to secure a picture of Harry relaxing whilst preparing for filming to begin.

The Daily Mail reports that neither Styles or his co-stars, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Sir Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance, were actually on-set when filming began. Most scenes seemed to feature an army of extras, but that does not seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of fans keen for a glimpse of Harry.

According to Now magazine, Harry was "slumming it" in a budget hotel in Dunkirk. They quote a resident who says the Hotel Borel is "very tired," does not have air conditioning and the food it bad too.

"This is not where you'd expect to see a pop star! It is crazy there are so many screaming people outside. Harry was very polite when greeting them and didn't seem to mind the accommodation. I stayed for two nights and the hotel is very tired. It needs some updating and modernization. There was no air conditioning, so our room became warm and stuffy and the breakfast was disappointing."
It seems that Styles has had to change hotels after One Direction fans located where Harry was staying. Styles has since moved into a different hotel. It seems that details of where Styles was staying was leaked and published in a local newspaper. Unsurprisingly, a large group of fans gathered at the hotel eager for a glimpse of Harry sporting his newly shorn hairstyle.
It would be understandable if Styles wanted to keep a low profile during the filming of his first movie role, but Harry seemed happy enough to pose for pictures with fans as he left the hotel. People magazine reports that Styles took time out to sign autographs and chat with fans before being whisked away in his car.

Some fans are less impressed that Harry has been tracked down so easily. Many took to social media to plead with other fans to back off to allow Styles some space. One fan group posted part of an interview with Sherlock star Martin Freeman, who had said that crowds hanging out at location shoots can "disrupt filming and force directors to change the way scenes are shot."

Clearly, everyone is keen to see Harry's fans behave responsibly, no one wants to see Styles put under undue pressure by having to deal with fans on a daily basis.

In other Harry Styles news, fans will be disturbed by a report in the Sun that claims Harry is set to sever his last ties with One Direction. Styles sacked One Direction's management and PR teams earlier this year, and it is now claimed that Harry is set to dump Simon Cowell, too.

It is claimed that Harry intends to put as much distance between himself and One Direction as possible.

"It was obvious from day one that Harry wouldn't stay with Simon Cowell, Syco or a Sony label. He wants to move as far away from the band as possible and for him that means an entirely new team based in America.

"It's all part of a masterplan being driven by his friend Jeff Azoff, who has set up his own management company to launch Harry as a solo superstar."

The Sun has consistently claimed that Harry's moves mean the end of One Direction, something that fans simply can't accept. Various of Harry's bandmates have assured fans time and again that they will reunite at some point next year. Harry's fans will be hoping that Styles is simply paving the way for his bandmates to split from One Direction's management structure.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]