Ana Quincoces Back From The ‘Real Housewives’ Grave: What She’s Doing On TV Now

Ana Quincoces may be a name that rings some bells if you are an avid watcher of the Real Housewives franchise. Before The Real Housewives of Miami was canceled by Bravo, Ana starred on the show, and fans remember her for being a feisty woman who didn't take anything from anyone.

Quincoces was working in the legal field, which gave her an edge, but she was also unhappy with being caught up in cheating rumors, as Karent Sierra's then-boyfriend had been cheating on her with a woman named Anna. Quincoces has left the drama of The Real Housewives of Miami behind, and she's now ready to fight again -- but on her terms.

According to a new Bravo report, Ana Quincoces is a contestant on Food Network Star, a show about talented cooks who are competing to get their own cooking show on the network. While she was filming The Real Housewives of Miami, Ana was often spotted cooking in her kitchen, and she has admitted that she's talented when it comes to Cuban food. But the Cuban angle won't be her winning edge -- it will be her ability to make something out of nothing.

"Making something from nothing. I will go into a kitchen with bare cupboards and very little in the refrigerator and I can make something really great," Ana told The Food Network of this new experience, according to Bravo. "It's kind of like a challenge. I think if you go to the grocery store and buy every single ingredient you need to make a meal... anybody can do that. So if I have something, some starting point, I will kind of figure something out with whatever's available. That and the fact that I'm fast in the kitchen. I think I have an ability to balance flavors really well. Different dimensions of flavors and different layers of flavor. I think... the hallmark of Cuban cooking is very much like that. So, I think I have that ability."

Of course, Ana Quincoces does have working experience in the food industry. She's a cookbook author and chef, and she's created a line called the Skinny Latina. She's a finalist on the show, and she's so close to landing her own show. Does she have a weakness that could prevent her from winning? No, but she does have a weakness: her sweet tooth.

"I'm a sugar addict. It's so bad. So anything with a lot of cream cheese frosting... anything that's a vehicle for cream cheese frosting, whether it's red velvet cake or carrot cake or hummingbird cake or pistachio cake, you name it," Quincoces revealed, adding, "If it has a lot of cream cheese frosting on it, that's my thing."

It's awesome that Ana is making headlines for something positive. After The Real Housewives of Miami, Quincoces made headlines after she was arrested for driving with a suspended license. She was arrested in Key Largo, Florida, after she supposedly drove to confront her ex's new girlfriend with a license that had expired, according to Radar Online. Apparently, she was yelling at her ex's new girlfriend, calling her trailer trash. When she was pulled over, the officer told Quincoces that she shouldn't continue to drive. She got in the car and started driving again, which resulted in the arrest.

At the time, Ana's former Real Housewives of Miami co-star Lea Black said that she was "sad to hear about the arrest" and hoped that Quincoces "can get the professional mental health care that she obviously needs" moving forward, according to Radar Online.

Would you want to see Ana Quincoces on her own cooking show?

[Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision/AP Images]