Tiffany Hendra Dishes Her Thoughts On The Most Awkward Party In ‘RHOD’ History

Tiffany Hendra appears to be very loyal to LeeAnne Locken, as they have been friends for years. When the two started filming The Real Housewives of Dallas, they knew how to push one another’s buttons. So when a whole new group of people joined them on the show, Tiffany may have known that LeeAnne would get herself into trouble. Hendra knows that her friend has a temper and when they first met, they didn’t even really get along. When Tiffany watched The Real Housewives of Dallas last night, she learned about a few things that were said at the party.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing that she had no idea that her friend, Heidi Dillon, was making Cary Deuber feel very uncomfortable at the party. Hendra has questioned why the ladies aren’t inviting when it comes to letting Locken into their circle of friends, but on last night’s episode, she learned that LeeAnne and her friends do make it hard to be civil. For example, Heidi – Locken’s friend – asked Cary Deuber to do a demonstration with a corn dog, something that was completely uncalled for.

“I know LeeAnne must have been anxious from the start because the girls were stepping into her inner circle. I didn’t know that little Taylor was coming, and I had been marinating in the knowledge that Marie had told him that private story about LeeAnne so I was uncomfortable. Brandi and Steph were just on the mend with LeeAnne. I’m not sure anyone was in a good headspace. Probably NOT the right time to have this party. Heidi deserves a do-over! Bad vibe after bad vibe, and it was just like a domino effect. It all went to hell in a hand basket fast,” Tiffany Hendra reveals on her blog about the show.

Even though Hendra is friends with LeeAnne and Heidi, she even felt that the party was boring. She felt that the party could have been more entertaining if there wasn’t so much tension between them. Tiffany may have been pleased about Locken’s meeting with Stephanie Hollman, where they made peace about their previous argument. LeeAnne wanted to apologize to Stephanie for yelling at her and throwing a drink at her. But even though she apologized to her co-star, there was still some tension between them. And Tiffany Hendra was bored with her co-stars and the party in general.

“I was getting so bored and just wanted to leave. You can see me in the background on my phone, so I didn’t hear Heidi ask Cary to ‘demonstrate’ with the corn dog until I saw this episode. Ummmm, ok I get it. She was trying to liven things up or Heidi was just digging back at Cary over the awkward moment they had at the House Of Blues. Again, so boring. Now I’m craving a Frito pie,” Tiffany Hendra points out on her blog.

Of course, Hendra has been busy with her own life over the past couple of months. She’s been working hard on supporting her husband, who is trying to break through as a musician in Dallas. He had found success in Los Angeles, but he moved back to Texas with Tiffany, who really wanted to go back to her roots in Dallas. Maybe she doesn’t have time to deal with her dramatic friendships, including the drama caused by LeeAnne and her new group of friends on the show.

What do you think about Tiffany Hendra’s blog post for the week? Are you surprised that she was bored with the party that ended up being one of the most awkward parties in Real Housewives of Dallas history?

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