'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Negan Kidnaps Fan Favorite Character In Season 7?

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers have been few and far between, but fans are still digging to try to find any scrap of news about the upcoming season before it airs on AMC in October.

After the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, in which super villain Negan brutally murdered a beloved character by bashing their head in with his baseball bat named Lucille, fans are worried about the fate of all of their favorite characters, and another one of them could be at risk when the series returns this fall.

According to Wet Paint, Daryl Dixon is likely still alive in Season 7, meaning he wasn't Negan's unlucky victim in the Season 6 finale. However, Daryl's life will allegedly still be very much in danger.

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 7 all point to Daryl Dixon being kidnapped by Negan. The Spoiling Dead reveals that there was an unconfirmed Daryl sighting at The Sanctuary, the place where Negan's group, The Saviors, live, and fans are speculating that Daryl is inside because Negan has kidnapped him.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Daryl kidnapped by Negan?
[Image via AMC]A few days after the alleged Daryl sighting on the Walking Dead Season 7 set, a car chase sequence was reportedly filmed, and although Daryl wasn't seen, Dwight was spotted, and he was allegedly wearing Daryl's angel wing vest.

A few days after that, filming was relocated by to the studio, and rumor has it that Daryl had tried to make an escape attempt, but it is believed to have been unsuccessful, which could mean trouble for Mr. Dixon.

The good news about Daryl possibly being kidnapped by Negan on The Walking Dead is that it would mean he survived the brutal beating in the Season 6 finale. However, someone had to die, and that person's identity continues to be a hot topic of conversation among fans.

As many viewers know, Glenn Rhee is the Negan's victim in the comic book series. Negan chooses Glenn out of the lineup, and then brutally bashes his head in for all to see. Glenn leaves behind his wife, Maggie, and their child.

If that scenario were to play out on The Walking Dead television series, it would arguably be the most heartbreaking moment fans have ever seen out of the show. Glenn is a huge fan favorite character, not to mention one of the only living survivors from Season 1. His death would be a monumental turning point for the series, which may be exactly what producers are looking for.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Will Glenn or Abraham Be Killed By Negan?
[Image via AMC]Meanwhile, the show is known for switching up character deaths from the comic series to the television show. Tyreese's death was given to Hershel, Abraham's death was given to Dr. Denise, and characters who were supposed to die long ago are still alive. Anything can happen on the show, and no one is safe from death, not even Rick and Carl.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, creator Robert Kirkman recently revealed that Rick will die "eventually," and that he doesn't play favorites, stating that all of the characters will eventually end up dead, even Carl.

Besides Glenn's death, fans have a few other theories about which character may have gotten the bat in the finale. Other than Glenn and Daryl biting the dust, Abraham seems to be the most popular candidate as Negan's victim.

During The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, Abraham had some very emotional scenes. Not only did Abe finally make peace with his best friend, Eugene, but he also had a heartfelt moment with his girlfriend, Sasha, as the two talked about their future, and wanting with Glenn and Maggie have. Many viewers believe that Abraham's emotional moments during the finale may lead to his untimely death.

Will Daryl be kidnapped? Who will Negan kill? All will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns for Season 7 in October.

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