'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers: What To Expect In Season 6, Episode 6 'Blood Of My Blood'

Game of Thrones fans are still not over the huge death in Season 6, Episode 5, titled "The Door," but the show must go on, and Episode 6, titled "Blood Of My Blood," promises to be just as good.

According to Winter Is Coming, the brand new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6 has been revealed, and it is giving viewers a lot of hints about what to expect when "Blood Of My Blood" airs on Sunday night.

The official synopsis for "Blood Of My Blood," released by HBO, states, "An old foe comes back into the picture. Gilly (Hannah Murray) meets Sam's (John Bradley) family. Arya (Maisie Williams) faces a difficult choice. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) faces off against the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce)."

While the latest Game of Thrones synopsis doesn't give away much information at all, the trailer is dropping some interesting scenarios that fans will see play out in the upcoming episode.

Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers: Can Meera save Bran Stark?
[Image via HBO]At the beginning of the preview, Bran and Meera are seen running from the white walker army. It looks like the episode will pick up right where it left off with Hodor's death, and Meera trying to escape with Bran. Things look really bad for the two, even though Bran technically isn't there, as he's still warging, but it appears that someone comes to rescue the duo from death.

Game of Thrones fans who have read the book series know that earlier in the books a character named Coldhands comes to rescue Sam and Gilly, and then escorts Bran and his group to the Three-Eyed Raven. However, Coldhands was cut from the series. However, it is possible that he's now in the picture, and is ready to save Bran and Meera's life.

Meanwhile, Sam and Gilly will finally reach their destination of Horn Hill, where Gilly will meet Sam's family, including his mean-spirited father. It will be a very awkward situation for all as Sam is from a very high class family, and Gilly is an unwed mother who also happens to be a wildling.

Game of Thrones viewers will also finally be transported back to King's Landing, where last week, Cersei and company were not seen. However, this week will be a much different story.

It appears that Queen Margaery is seemingly about to take her walk of atonement, the very same walk that had Cersei Lannister walking naked and shamed through the streets. However, it looks like this time there is a plan in place. The gates to the city open and an army of men is let in. Will there be a battle between the Lannister/Tyrell forces and the High Sparrow's men to save Margaery, and take back control of King's Landing?

Game of Thrones spoilers: Daenerys in 'Blood of My Blood.'
[Image via HBO]Across the narrow sea, Game of Thrones fans will see more of Daenerys and Daario. The dragon queen has already ordered Jorah away to find a cure for his greyscale, and that leaves her with her lover, who is ready to follow any order Dany may shout out.

Daenerys and Daario are seen leading the Dothraki back to Meeran, where they will likely join her people and her army inside the city. Dany tells Daario that she'll take whatever is hers, and many fans of the series believe that will eventually include the iron throne.

Although it has not been confirmed who will be ruling the seven kingdoms at the end of the Game of Thrones series, many fans believe that Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister will all be revealed as members of the Targaryen family, ride Dany's three dragons in battle, and each bring their own unique skills to the throne.

How can this be? The R+L=J theory reveals how Jon Snow could easily be a Targaryen, and a theory about Tyrion Lannister's parentage could prove that he's Daenerys' older brother. Fans are hoping for one or both of the theories to be proven true in upcoming episodes of the show.

What are your thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones spoilers?

[Image via HBO]