‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Jessica Capshaw Talks About Sara Ramirez’s Exit

Everyone was shocked when Grey’s Anatomy’s favorite Sara Ramirez decided to leave the show after 10 years of portraying Callie Torres. Now, actress Jessica Capshaw has also shared her thoughts on Ramirez leaving the series.

As fans will know, Jessica Capshaw plays Arizona Robbins, the on-again off-again partner of Callie Torres. For the last few seasons they have been co-parenting through their split. Now, Capshaw has finally commented on Ramirez departing Grey’s Anatomy.

The actress took to Twitter to express her thoughts and it was nothing but love.

Fans reacted in a few different ways, but most were heartbroken that Callie and Arizona weren’t getting back together, as many thought they were end game.

@JessicaCapshaw @SaraRamirez calzona was supposed to get re married pic.twitter.com/soL9vjNbak

— calliope (@robbinswift) May 23, 2016

Creator Shonda Rhimes, who has a whole slew of shows these days, even said that this wasn’t her plan for Callie and that Sara’s exit came as a huge shock to her.

Rhimes told Us Weekly the following after Ramirez’s exit.

“This [exit] was different because it wasn’t a big planned thing. I had a different plan going and when Sara came in and said, ‘I really need to take this break,’ I was lucky that we’d shot the end of the season with her going to New York.”

“I felt really good that we had shot that ending and that she said she wanted to take this break and we were able to give it to her because I love the woman and I want to do everything for her. It all worked out in that sense.”

Capshaw also included a link to Sara Ramirez’s initial statement that the actress released after her final episode of Grey’s aired.

“I’m deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey’s Anatomy & ABC but for now I’m taking some welcome time off,” Ramirez’s statement read. “Shonda’s been so incredible to work for and we will definitely continue our conversations! I send my Love to Ellen, the rest of the cast & crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!”

As we saw in the season finale, Callie Torres, after losing custody of daughter Sofia to Arizona, was miserable. She chose to stay in Seattle instead of flying to live in New York with her partner Penny. Originally, she wanted to take Sofia and move to New York without Arizona’s consent. The two became embroiled in a court battle, which favored Arizona in the end, so not only did Callie lose Penny by refusing to go to New York, but she also lost her daughter that she co-parented with Arizona.

In the end, Arizona decided to toss the ruling out and bought tickets for Callie to go to New York, only requesting to switch off on holidays with Sofia. Callie Torres is one of the only characters to exit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without suffering a major injury or a worse fate — death. As we know favorites like George O’Malley tragically died when he jumped in front of a bus to save someone’s life. Fan favorite Derek Shepherd also died from injuries he sustained while saving lives. Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey perished from injuries they had in the epic plane crash, and Izzie Stevens, although she didn’t die, she left the hospital knowing that she didn’t have a place to call home.

From the statements, it seems like Sara Ramirez does have the option to return to the series. It wouldn’t be too hard to believe as actor Isaiah Washington returned after he left the series as Preston Burke. Many fans are still hopeful that the season finale wasn’t the last they’ll see of Callie Torres.

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