Blake Lively Sugars It Up At Cannes For Second Baby Without Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively is keeping her baby bump subtle on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2016, but her pregnancy cravings are out of control! She has been thoroughly keeping track of her Cannes festivities on her Instagram, and it looks like she can’t seem to stop her sugar intake for her baby.

Maybe her hubby Ryan Reynolds should jump on a plane to Cannes to slow Blake Lively down a bit.

A lot of photos are from behind-the-scene moments of her getting red carpet ready. These always seem to include some form of caffeine and sugar. Time to wake up the baby inside her!

Blake. Wuz. Here.

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Her fans are definitely wondering how she keeps her body so svelte after such intake of simple sugar and cream.

She has been killing it on the red carpet this year, fulfilling the comment that Ryan Reynolds made a few months ago.

“My wife knows how to work a red carpet, I’ll say that,” he said according to Romper. “Yeah, she might be the Beyonce of red carpets. She’s turned that into an athletic event.”

Her presence at Cannes Film Festival has been definitely showcased by all the pretty dresses and outfits that she has been wearing. The fact that her movie Cafe Society was the opener for the festival meant that she had the liberty to make Cannes her home.

“By Wednesday morning, she had already unveiled another impressive look—a fire engine-red jumpsuit—while posing for a photo call for the film,” reports E! Online. “As she strutted the red carpet, photographers captured a glimpse of her subtle baby bump wrapped in the form-fitting body suit. The jumpsuit was dramatic with its wide-legged pants, scoop neckline and matching fabric draped necklace.”

Check out her glowing in the red pant jumpsuit below!

...France doesn't make me happy at all. Clearly ????????????????????????

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But from time to time, Blake Lively loves to pull looks from a more unconventional source – like Disney villains.

Blake Lively knows that Disney villains have all the real fun,” reports E! Online. “The pregnant Café Society star’s Cannes wardrobe drew comparisons to Elsa from Frozen, but as Blake joked on Instagram, her style inspiration actually came from Ursula.”

Everyone thinks I was inspired by the princesses. If they only knew...

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She has been doing a great job keeping her baby bump really subtle. The fact that she is just a few months along probably helped, but the fact that the actress is already so thin means that it’s has been easier for the stylists to disguise it.

“The actress — who arrived in France on Monday, hiding her baby bump with a white trench coat — poses in the pic as she gets ready for her outing, wearing a maxi dress, which merely hints at a baby bump, but shows off her shoulders by way of cutouts,” reports People Magazine. “The patterned ensemble also features a low v-neck, long sleeves and pearl details.”

Her husband Ryan Reynolds has stayed back home to take care of their first baby. He has had a great attitude towards fatherhood and being the caregiver for his daughter, but he has confessed that Blake is the absolute master of it.

“[As] the guy, I’m just like a diaper-changing facility hooked up to a life-support system,” Ryan confessed according to Romper. “But my wife, she’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She’s a human Denny’s, all day long and all night long. Romantic right? She’s the most beautiful Denny’s you’ve ever seen, though.”

And the thing is that Ryan and Blake are thinking of having a third one as well!

“Even though the news of The Shallows star’s pregnancy only recently broke, it turns out that the couple is already thinking about what they’re going to call their little bundle of joy,” reports E! Online.

She wants at least three children, maybe more,” a source said to E! Online.

Do you think Blake will continue having kids? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Thibault Camus/AP]