LOGICAL: Bill O’Reilly on Guitar Hero ad’s “nudity”

Political commentator and beacon of fair, balanced journalism Bill O’Reilly has got his panties in a real bunch over a viral advert for Guitar Hero 5, which features what he terms “nudity.”

The O’Reilly Factor host described the ad as “shameless promotion,” and dubbed the female models “pinheads.” Publisher Activision is yet to comment, so allow us to do that for them: “LOL.” Here’s O’Reilly flapping his gums and replaying the “shameless” advert in question on his own show. You know, just so his viewers are informed. Way to take a stand, Bill.

Even by O’Reilly’s dazzling standards, this is crazy talk. For one, you’d see more flesh if the girls were wearing bikinis, while Bill is happy to overlook the “naked” guy who arrives shortly after, quickly becoming the focus of the advert. Conveniently, the producers cut that part out. Here’s the advert in full:

So I think we all know the biggest question raised by this, and that is: is O’Reilly actually on Activision’s payroll? Because this is the second Guitar Hero ad that’s enjoyed publicity from bleating Billy.

[Via GamePro]