Ryan Vogelsong Hit By Pitch, Rushed To Hospital In Pittsburgh

Ryan Vogelson was hit by a pitch in the second inning of Monday’s ballgame against the Colorado Rockies, sending him to the hospital.

The ball looked to have first made contact with the left temple region of Vogelsong’s head, which then banked off of the ear protector of his helmet, and cascaded down his cheek bone and across the rest of his face. The ball was traveling at a deadly 91 mph when it made contact.

Ryan Vogelsong being hit by the pitch happened somewhat ironically, as seconds before the incident took place one of the announcers asked the other, “What do you do if you’re Lyles — the opposing pitcher — here?” The second announcer responded with, “Don’t hit him.” The exchange can be heard in the video provided by 120 Sports in the tweet below.

After Ryan Vogelsong was hit by the pitch, he flopped down while clutching his face and didn’t move very much. As time went on and head trainer Todd Tomczyk, as well as other medical professionals, came to Ryan’s aid, however, he did start to show signs of motion. He was eventually able to sit up, finally getting up and walking (with help) to the cart that took him off the field, holding a towel to his face the entire time.

After being hit by the pitch, Ryan Vogelsong was brought to Allegheny General Hospital, and USA Today reported that the Pirates would have no further comment until Tuesday morning.

CBS Sports did report that Vogelsong’s wound was being called a left eye injury.

One has to feel badly for Jordan Lyles, too, because while nobody is claiming that Ryan Vogelsong being hit by the pitch was at all due to malicious intent, he still did throw a ball 91 mph that struck somebody in the head, and that’s not something that any decent human being wants to do.

This poses the question: How easy it is to shake off hurting somebody extremely badly when you’re a pitcher? It can’t be an effortless thing to do, and Rockies fans should watch Lyles — or any pitcher that this happens to for that matter — to see whether he has the mental fortitude to push past it and not let it effect his game. Lyles was taken out after Ryan Vogelsong was hit by the pitch, and only pitched 2.1 innings in total. He has an ERA of 8.55 and is 1-2 on the season.

Ryan Vogelsong being hit by a pitch in this manner could spell trouble for the Pirates (24-19), who are in second place in the National League Central Division, and trying to make headway against the Chicago Cubs (29-13).

The former San Francisco Giants pitcher is so far 1-1 with the Pirates and has a 4.12 ERA. Vogelsong pitched two scoreless innings before being hit in today’s match-up.

Ryan Vogelsong being hit by a pitch in this game wasn’t the only injury the pitcher has suffered in his career, as the Inquisitr previously reported that back in May 2013 Vogelsong broke his pitching hand, which required surgery, and forced him to be out for six weeks.

Monday’s game — a makeup of Sunday’s rain out — resulted in a Pirates win against the Rockies, with the final score being 6-3 at PNC Park.

[Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images]