‘Mistresses’ Season 4 Premiere Promo And Synopsis: Time Jump, Trauma, And More Spoilers

Mistresses Season 4 premieres on May 30. What can fans expect when the ABC series returns? A promo clip for the season premiere titled “The New Girls” has been released. The synopsis also provides clues on what will happen with Karen, April, and Joss, including a time jump, trauma for one character, and some new additions to the cast.

Warning: Spoilers for Mistresses Season 4 are ahead!

On the Season 3 finale of Mistresses, Karen was pregnant, and she and Alec were mourning the loss of Vivian. Joss found herself facing a gun, and April discovered that Marc was in love with her. What can fans expect when Season 4 of Mistresses premieres at the end of the month?

According to the synopsis, Mistresses Season 4, Episode 1 is titled “The New Girls.” There will be a time jump, Karen gave birth, Marc moved back in with April, and Joss survived her ordeal.

“In ‘The New Girls,’ it’s a year from the night Joss encountered a dangerous Wilson and had to relive the painful memory while testifying in court at his murder trial. Despite moving in together, Marc hasn’t found a steady job, and April worries Lucy is growing up too fast,”

Spoiler TV wrote regarding the synopsis for Mistresses Season 4, Episode 1, “Karen is adjusting to motherhood while her attractive male nanny (guest star Jerry O’Connell) makes a seemingly unwarranted advance. Meanwhile, Harry and Joss take the next step in their relationship, but trouble may be ahead as Joss isn’t quite healed from her past.”

Mistresses proved to be difficult for all the characters, but especially for Joss. Last season, she spent time behind bars facing murder and conspiracy charges. However, Calista Raines finally confessed to killing Luca and said Joss had nothing to do with the crime. Finally, Joss was free. Unfortunately, Wilson pointed a gun at her face, which left fans wondering if she lived or died in the Season 3 finale.

However, Joss wasn’t the only one dealing with difficulty in Mistresses. Karen began a relationship with Alec and Vivian, a married couple. She became pregnant as a result, and Vivian ended up dying. April bounced from Daniel to Blair and didn’t realize that Marc was in love with her. The men in the series were also dealing with their own issues.

The promo clip for the Season 4 premiere of Mistresses shows Joss survived and had to wade through the press at court. Karen had her baby and hired a male nanny, who seems to like her a little too much. There will also be plenty of steamy romantic scenes with all of the characters.

Besides Jerry O’Connell appearing in Season 4 of Mistresses, there is at least one more new celebrity headed to ABC. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Days Of Our Lives star Camila Banus also landed a role on the show. She will be playing Joss’ assistant, Kylie.

“I want to let everybody know that I’m doing a recurring role on ABC’s Mistresses,” Camila Banus announced, according to TV Source Magazine. “Season 4 starts soon and I’m going to be on there quite a few times so you can catch me on there.”

When Mistresses first aired on ABC, Alyssa Milano was on the show. However, she left, and fans were not sure if the series would continue. Not only has the show gone on, but Season 3 was the best yet, with plenty of laughter, tears, and everything in between. Hopefully, Season 4 will be just as good.

Mistresses Season 4 premieres on May 30 with the episode titled “The New Girls.” What do you think will happen with the characters on the ABC primetime TV show?

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