Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Brielle Deletes Instagram Post Denying Plastic Surgery: Too Many Haters?

Brielle Biermann decided it would be fun to surprise her mother and Kroy Biermann, who were on vacation this past week. Throughout several Instagram photos and videos, Brielle revealed that she had crashed her parents’ vacation and she was more than eager to hang out in the warm weather, swim in the ocean, and post many pictures. But during this trip to Turks and Caicos, Brielle took some pictures that were not that flattering. It happens to all of us, but because of some angles and poor lighting, people immediately began assuming that Biermann had gone through some plastic surgery to alter her look. In a lengthy video, Brielle wanted to deny those rumors.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Brielle Biermann has now deleted her video from Instagram and Snapchat. Apparently, her honesty was enough to get the haters on her tail, and she deleted the video from her social media accounts. In the caption for the video, Brielle explained that she didn’t have any surgery. The caption has since been deleted with the video, but here’s what she wrote.

I only like this side of my face

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“I’m tired of people assuming I’ve had all sorts of plastic surgery from liposuction to a nose job you name it I’ve supposedly had it. I’m 19 years old- y’all have been watching me since I was 10! I look nothing like I did back then. people grow up. their face changes their bodies change they mature inside and out. I’ve been honest about my procedures and plan to be. there’s nothing wrong with fixing something you’re insecure about (my lips) but I don’t believe in plastic surgery just to ‘improve’ yourself! I’m 19 years old I don’t see how within the past year I would’ve been able to get all these ‘surgeries’!! you see what I do EVERY day on Snapchat, therefore you’d know if I was going under the knife! and get the f*ck outta here with your rude and negative comments. they’re irrelevant and don’t affect me. you will get blocked,” Brielle wrote to the video, where she essentially said the same thing.

Throughout the vacation, Kim Zolciak had also shared a picture of her daughter and her husband. In the picture, Brielle isn’t wearing makeup and the lighting is bad. Plus, she’s looking down a little, which makes her eyes smaller and her cheeks bigger. And immediately, people started assuming that she had undergone some kind of surgery. Kim decided to delete the picture for the sake of Brielle Biermann and went straight to TMZ to set the record straight.

In the article, Zolciak admits that Biermann did get fillers in her lip. But this was something that Brielle eagerly shared on social media when it happened. It wasn’t a big secret to anyone. While Brielle Biermann did get heat for getting fillers at the age of 18, it sounds like she’s not exactly eager to read all of the negative comments all the time. As Brielle explains, she’s been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and now Don’t Be Tardy from the age of 10. She’s now 19. In other words, fans have watched her grow in front of the cameras for years and she did go through quite the transitional phase — just like any other teenager.

Plus, Brielle Biermann and her mother may have some makeup help. It does sound like Brielle may have access to more expensive makeup and perhaps even a makeup artist, who can help her look flawless and enhance some areas just with a brush. So, why did Brielle delete her video? Maybe she just had enough of the hateful comments.

What do you think of Brielle Biermann deleting her video, where she defends herself?

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