Chris Brown Criticizes Baby Mama Nia Guzman For Dressing Their Daughter Royalty Too Sexy

Chris Brown is not happy with his baby mama Nia Guzman right now. The singer slammed Nia for dressing their daughter Royalty too sexy, but many wonder what prompted the criticism. Now Chris is garnering a bit of criticism himself from Nia and many others who think that he was definitely reaching when talking about a dance outfit worn by his daughter.

When Nia posted a picture of Royalty in her dance clothes on Instagram, Chris got upset.

“It’s crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16,” Chris Brown wrote on Nia Guzman’s Instagram page. “I ain’t cool wit that. She is 2!!!!”

Oops #Royalty's mom clapped back at #ChrisBrown

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It didn’t take long for Nia to shoot back at Chris and clarify that she wasn’t dressing their 2-year-old too sexy or even like a teenager. It turns out that Royalty was at her dance class. The adorable toddler was wearing her dance clothes, which included a leotard, a tutu, and leg warmers.

In response to Chris Brown’s tantrum over his daughter’s dance attire, Nia wrote, “If anybody thinks something is wrong with a baby…mad at the world in dance class…in her TUTU…U need to go pray! #Namaste.”

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have battled over parenting decisions before according to the New York Daily News. In January, Nia filed paperwork because she wanted to change Brown’s visitation. In the filing, Guzman complained that their daughter, Royalty, had been battling with asthma because Chris was smoking around her. Nia also asked for a judge’s order to force Chris to take regular drug tests as long as he was going to be left alone with Royalty.

Chris responded to Nia’s claims that he was smoking around his daughter in a now-deleted Instagram post. Brown wrote that he would never smoke around Royalty. He then claimed that Nia Guzman was just looking for another way to boost her income, assumedly by trying to get bigger child support payments from him.

In April, Hollywood Life reported that Nia had sued Chris again for child support. The original child support filing for Royalty had been filed from Houston. After Nia moved to Los Angeles, she refiled her child support request from California and asked again for more money. In the initial ruling, Chris Brown was ordered to pay $2,500 per month for Royalty’s child support. It was later amended to force Chris to pay for Royalty’s schooling, nannies, health insurance, and medical bills on top of the $2,500 per month that he was already paying. Guzman failed to secure $15,000 per month in payments that she was gunning for last year.

It seems that Chris Brown and Nia Guzman have been battling ever since the singer found out he was a father. There is no denying that Chris loves his daughter and has been very hands-on with her over the last year or so. However, that hasn’t stopped him from battling with her mother over child support, visitation, and where to live, and now they are even battling over what she should wear.

Those who sided with Chris claimed that it had nothing to do with what Royalty was wearing but rather with how she was posed in the photo. In all honesty, Royalty’s attire was fine, but her pose did seem a bit suggestive for a toddler. However, Nia Guzman claimed that Royalty was just mad and that there was nothing else to it.

Take a look at the picture of Royalty above and weigh in. Do you think Chris Brown is right and that his daughter is either dressed or posed in a way that is inappropriate for a 2-year-old, or do you side with Nia Guzman, who says that Chris needs to pray? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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