Emma Watson Looks Stunning In First 'Beauty And The Beast' Trailer

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Disney released the first teaser trailer for the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast on Good Morning America this morning, and it looks just as amazing as we all expected it would.

Although the trailer is only a minute and 30 seconds, it's enough to get fans excited about the film. We're first shown the castle that the Beast (Dan Stevens) and his servants are trapped in evolve from the beautiful castle it once was to the old castle it becomes after the Beast is cursed. While we don't actually see the Beast, we do see him scratch the painting of his family that hangs on the wall, leaving his claw marks along the painted version of his face.

We then hear the door of the castle creak open, and although we can't see her face, we know it is Belle (Emma Watson) entering the castle. In case we weren't completely sure, though, the voices in the background confirm it.

"Look, a girl!" says Ewan McGregor, who plays Lumiere.

"Yes I can see it's a girl, you fool!" Ian McKellen as Cogsworth whispers back.

"What if she is the one?" Lumiere asks.

Then we hear Belle call out a cautious "Hello!" before we're shown the infamous rose, and we finally see Emma Watson as she peers into the glass case as "Tale as Old as Time" begins to play. And it's absolutely perfect.

We didn't get to see much of Watson in this first trailer, but it was enough to confirm she was the perfect choice for the role. From her dark colored hair to her inquisitive voice, she already makes the perfect Belle. Plus, it's no surprise that "the brightest witch of her age" would later become the most literary Disney princess.

Beauty and the Beast is the latest in a line of new Disney live-action versions of our favorite Disney animated classics. Both Cinderella and The Jungle Book saw great success in theaters, but Beauty and the Beast may just knock them both out of the water. Fans are already clamoring for more just based on the teaser, and it almost seems unfair that we have to wait until March 17, 2017, to see the film in theaters.

Plus, with such a great cast, this new version of Beauty and the Beast may be even better than the first. Also featured in the cast are Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Josh Gad (Le Fou), Stanly Tucci (Cadenza), and Audra McDonald (Garderobe). Filled with Oscar winners and Tony winners, not only will the acting be wonderful but so will the music, and fans simply can't wait.

Although fans have close to a year to wait for Beauty and the Beast to be released, for now, they'll at least be satisfied to watch the trailer over and over again until the full-length trailer comes out.

Have you watched the Beauty and the Beast trailer yet? What do you think of the new live-action film? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Disney]