‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Printable Bracket And Cheat Sheet: Keep Track Of JoJo’s Guys From Limo Exits To Rose Ceremony Eliminations

A printable Bachelorette bracket form and a complete list of JoJo Fletcher’s guys in order of limo exits is an important part of viewing ABC’s popular reality show, whether you are hosting a viewing party with friends or watching Season 12 premiere alone with a bottle of wine.

According to ABC, the two-hour Bachelorette premiere gets underway at 9 p.m. ET on May 23; the start time will move to 8 p.m. starting with Episode 2 next week.

Scroll down to find a printable bracket form in addition to the names and bios of the 26 guys — in limo exit order — who will arrive at the Bachelor Mansion on the first night of JoJo’s 11-week journey to find love. Check out the preview videos of several of this season’s guys, as well.

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While there are plenty of spoilers hinting at who JoJo gets engaged to, many fans want to keep the outcome of the final rose ceremony spoiler-free. The list below, along with this season’s bracket form, will help viewers keep track of the arrivals and rose ceremony departures, as well as important Bachelorette business like predicting who the Season 12 villain will be, who gets the first impression rose, and which guys will go home each week.

Wondering where JoJo travels this season and the airs dates of each weekly episode? Check out the Bachelorette 2016 weekly episode schedule here (no spoilers).

Here is the list of Bachelorette JoJo’s guys, in limo-exit order, per Reality Steve, followed by instructions on how to print and use this season’s bracket.

Jordan Rodgers is a California native who currently lives in Tennessee. The younger brother of NFL player Aaron Rodgers, there are rumors that he may have fame, not love, on his mind.

Derek Peth is a banker from New York.

Grant Kemp is a firefighter and a model — he currently lives in California.

James Fuertes hails from Tennessee where he runs the Title Boxing Club. Surprise! He’s also a model and an actor.

Robby Hayes is a Florida-based sales rep for Myrtha Pools USA. Will he tell JoJo about his recent breakup with his girlfriend of four years — she’s JoJo’s doppelgänger.

Alex Woytkiw is a U.S. Marine from California. His ABC bio reveals that he “loves being in love.” Will he fall in love with JoJo?

Will Haduch is a construction company superintendent from New Jersey. The video below shows JoJo giving Will a very awkward kiss during the first cocktail party.

Chad Johnson lives in Oklahoma where he is a real estate agent. The preview below will give fans an idea of what to expect this season from Chad and his inflated ego. (Spoilers indicate that he is this season’s villain.)

Daniel Maguire is from British Columbia and is rumored to have a few too many cocktails on Monday night’s premiere. He’s yet another personal trainer and model who may or may not impress JoJo.

Ali Zahiri is a bartender from Santa Monica, California, who states in his ABC bio that he will do anything for love.

James Taylor gets out of the limo with a guitar. The Texas-based sales rep is also a singer-songwriter, but he’s not related to James Taylor, the famous musician.

Jon Hamilton hails from British Columbia. He’s a sales rep for HVAC Solutions and arrives at the Bachelor Mansion in a kilt.

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Nick Benvenutti is an engineer for Atlas Marine Systems and lives in Florida. He arrives at the mansion in a Santa suit, perhaps the corniest arrival of the night.

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Chase McNary works for Trilogy-Mountain States Medical in Colorado.

Jake is a landscape architect — “Ninja Turtles III” is one of his favorite movies.

Sal DeJulio is an operations manager for GL Homes in Florida.

Coley Knust lives in Illinois where he works as a real estate consultant.

Brandon Howell is an actor and model who lives in California.

James S. tells ABC he is a “Bachelorette Superfan” who would force himself to eat fish for love.

Nick Sharp is a software salesman who wears a distinctive scarf in his Bachelorette bio pic.

Vincent Ventiera is a professional DJ from Florida. Rumor has it that he is one of the guys who drinks a bit too much at the first cocktail party.

Peter Medina is a staffing agency manager who brings JoJo a heart pillow — apparently he wants to be her “Man Crush Monday.”

Evan Bass runs several clinics for men with erectile dysfunction and is a single dad.

Wells Adams is a radio host on 105.9 The Rock and Alt 98.3 Nashville.

Christian Bishop lives in California, where he works as an account director for a communications company. He’s also a personal trainer so expect him to start pimping out supplements on Instagram this season.

Luke Pell rides up to the mansion on a horse. The musician and former U.S. Army currently lives in Tennessee. Chris Harrison says Luke is “the whole package” — you may want to put him in your bracket.

2016 Bachelorette Bracket

Thanks to Cass from Jeans and a Tank Top, a handy Bachelorette bracket is ready to download and print before the premiere begins on Monday night. At the end of Monday night’s premiere, cross out the names of the six men who are eliminated (spoilers) at the Week 1 rose ceremony.

Before next week’s episode airs, choose the 16 men who you think will remain after the Week 2 (May 30) eliminations. Do this each week until you narrow the guys down to the guy you think will get the final rose on Week 11 (August 1).

Watch the Bachelorette season premiere tonight starting at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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