Macaulay Culkin Celebrates 32nd Birthday At End Of A Hectic Month

Macaulay Culkin is turning 32 on Sunday, and any chance of the milestone passing by quietly is gone after reports close to a month ago that the former child star is killing himself with a drug and painkiller addiction turned him into hot tabloid fodder.

For the past three weeks the news has been filled with reports of Macaulay Culkin’s destructive lifestyle, which reportedly included nearly non-stop drug use. After the initial reports of his addiction, there have been several follow-ups including denials from Macaulay’s camp and reports on nearly every movement the actor made.

Recent reports are a bit more uplifting. His longtime but now-former girlfriend Mila Kunis reportedly wants to help Macaulay Culkin get into rehab, and the Daily Mail reported that he has been looking better in recent days.

But instead of dwelling on his current sorry state, many people are instead using Macaulay Culkin’s 32nd birthday as a chance to look back on the work the once squishy cute actor did. Culkin was born into somewhat of an acting family, omg! from Yahoo! noted, with his father Kit Culkin working as a small-time Broadway actor.

Macaulay Culkin himself has been acting in one form or another since he was a little more than a toddler. When he was 4 his father got him in the stage production of Bach Babies with the New York Philharmonic. Macaulay Culkin had his breakout role in the 1989 comedy Uncle Buck with John Candy, and became a household name the following year with Home Alone.

Though Macaulay Culkin hasn’t been in many movies over the past decade or so, he did some work in television and for a time was a regular on the television series Robot Chicken.