Is Prince William Controlling Kate Middleton’s Sister Pippa And Why?

From the moment that little sister Pippa Middleton played bridesmaid to her older sister Kate, the world became smitten with this firecracker and Phillippa Charlotte Middleton became an instant media sensation.

Pippa became the face of her parent’s party company, Party Pieces, writing tips on their website. She did some special reports with NBC, including riding with some cowboys in Wyoming. Pippa wrote columns for the Spectator as well as Vanity Fair. While a bit of a disaster, Pippa did attempt to extend her media success by authoring a book. Simply entitled Celebrate, one Amazon reviewer stated “Pippa is not reinventing the wheel” which sums up why there were poor sales of the party book and the end of this career.

There have also been some other public business and media ventures that have been squashed. The Daily Mail reports that she is currently jobless and friends of Kate’s little sister say it is because Prince William wants to keep Pippa away from the public eye and media scrutiny.

There is a belief that William does not want her to become like Sarah Ferguson and make the royal family ridiculous. Ferguson was a great friend of his mother, Princess Diana. Is is possible that he blames Fergie’s antics on some of the sorrows in his own family? Who can forget the photo of topless Fergie on vacation with a man who was not her husband, Prince Andrew-sucking on her toe, as her young daughter Beatrice looked on? Or “Disco Diana” at the clubs with Fergie, causing a royal ruckus. More recently, Sarah Ferguson was caught on undercover camera offering access to Prince Andrew in exchange for cash. There is no doubt that privacy-craving William wants none of this drama anywhere around his family. It is understandable that Prince William wants to keep Pippa away from the pubic eye and media scrutiny.

William’s “guidance” now means that Pippa is now doing something more befitting for the sister-in-law of the future King of England. She is doing charity work.

The Daily Mail spoke to Pippa’s agency, 10Ten Talent, on what she is doing now.

“Pippa has been keeping a low profile in terms of the media. She is focusing on her charity work now. Pippa wants to inspire young people to be fit and take on challenges through sport. If she’s going to have the position she has, she wants to use it properly and shine a light on good causes.”

While Pippa has been dutifully staying out of the public eye, drama still ensues. A tall tale has been spun as British papers have concocted a sexy tale of lust between Prince Harry and Pippa.

So, has Prince William also been concerned about squashing rumors between his brother, Prince Harry, and his sister-in-law? Penny Junor, author of biographies of both William and Harry, told the Daily Beast that this younger generation of royals are not interested in being in the public eye and are doing what they can to stay out of the scrutiny of the media.

“The younger royals do get very annoyed that the media are constantly prying into their private lives. If you look back to when William and Kate were going out together, he started sending legal letters to the press and to photographers who were following her.”

Junior believes that Harry also wants to keep his private life private so that he can find that girl and finally settle down. Yet the recent tall tale about Harry hooking up with a scantily dressed Pippa did not amuse Harry whatsoever.

“Harry has got a bit of the same bloody-mindedness. He has said that he is feeling under pressure at the moment and talked about how difficult it is to find a girlfriend. The minute he sees anyone he is being married off to them. But there is particular sensitivity in this case because the story was linking him with Pippa, not just A.N. Other blonde.”

Perhaps William believes that by keeping Pippa away from a high-profile occupation in the media, this could prevent Pippa from inadvertently revealing tidbits about the royal family and keep their privacy sacred. William has often said stated how the media made his mother’s life a difficult challenge, and he is understandably protective of his wife and children. There is no doubt that this influence is why the younger royals want a different relationship with the media from that of their parent’s generation.

“There is a feeling they are becoming uncooperative towards the press. Camilla—who I am writing a book about at the moment—is so easy and friendly. When she gets out a of a car, she stops and looks at the cameras and smiles. When Kate gets out of a car she seems to deliberately turn in the opposite direction. It’s annoying the press, and that is a really dangerous situation.”

Not all is doom and gloom for the 33-year-old Pippa. Recently, she moved into a West London mansion with her hedge fund manager boyfriend James Matthews, and they just enjoyed a romantic vacation in Corsica.

The outgoing and affable Pippa may have had her 15 minutes, but she will use her personality and love of sports to help others, while respecting her sister’s family privacy. There is no question that the Middleton family has been respectful of their royal in-laws and have not made any high-profile missteps. With Prince William guiding Pippa away from the media and into meaningful work, he can protect his family and keep them away from the pubic eye and media scrutiny.

Do you think Pippa should be able to work in media, or should Kate’s little sister follow a more “royal” career by working in charity? Do you think it is ok that Prince William is guiding her?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]