Katy Perry Passes On $20M ‘Idol’ Offer

I guess money just grows on the trees that surround Katy Perry‘s mansion. American Idol is out there courting judges for its upcoming season, and apparently passed quite the lucrative offer across the table to Katy Perry. Despite a payout of $20 million, Katy Perry has turned down the potential Idol judgeship.

TMZ reports that American Idol producers threw Katy Perry the same deal they offered Mariah Carey, with a twist. A cool $18 million with an extra $2 million for one season’s work to sweeten the pot. This follows Idol’s recent strategy of replacing their musical has-been panel with current and relevant music stars, a la The Voice.

Despite the paycheck, Perry said “no thanks” to the contract, citing a busy schedule and making a crack about “backward career moves.”

Tell that to Mariah Carey.

In other Katy Perry news, some media outlets are trying to inflate her break-up with musician and notorious Lothario John Mayer to RPatz and KStew proportions. Some sources are reporting that she was completely snubbed and roundly heartbroken, but others are saying that while she’s disappointed, she wasn’t really mistaking her dalliance with Mayer for anything serious, and that the two will more than likely end up as friends.

We prefer the latter. Perry is a smart girl, and after her divorce from famous bad boy Russell Brand, we’d think she’d be wise to familiar tricks.

In any case, passing on Idol was probably the right call too. We like Katy Perry, but we don’t think that judging on the competition show would really be her cup of tea. But maybe we’re wrong? What do you think? Would you like to see Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol?