June 29, 2017
Josh Duggar Is All Smiles With Keller Family In Florida, Spends Time With In-Laws

It seems that Josh Duggar has been accepted back into the Keller family with open arms as Josh Duggar was spotted with his in-laws in Florida. However, unlike recently released photos of a glum looking Josh spending time with his own family for Mother's Day, the disgraced Duggar was reportedly smiling and in good spirits while attending the funeral of Anna's grandmother in Florida.

Facebook group Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles And Hairspray reveals that Josh Duggar attended DeLores Keller's funeral in Florida along with his wife, Anna, and children. Anna's sister, Susanna Keller, allegedly shared numerous photos from the funeral to her private Facebook page which show Josh smiling alongside numerous members of the Keller family.


In fact, it was noted that Josh was posing for photographs with David Waller, the husband of Anna's sister Priscilla, as well as Anna's brother, Daniel. The photos indicate that Josh is comfortable with the Keller family and that Anna's parents and siblings have seemingly forgiven Josh for his infidelity and are giving him a second chance.

Josh coming anywhere near Daniel Keller is a sign of improved relations between the Kellers and Josh Duggar, as Daniel was very vocal about his disapproval of Anna staying with Josh following the infidelity. In fact, Daniel called Josh a "pig" on Facebook during the scandal and encouraged Anna to seek a divorce.

Daniel also used Facebook to respond to comments made by Josh Duggar's siblings regarding forgiveness. Jessa Seewald posted an image regarding the cleansing of unrighteousness following the confession of sin. Daniel Keller quickly responded to the post noting that "There's a difference between confessing and getting caught."


Though Daniel advocated for Anna to divorce Josh, it seems that he has accepted the fact that Anna is not leaving her husband and is at least attempting to make amends with the man who caused his sister so much pain.

In another interesting piece of information was revealed in Delores Keller's obituary. It appears that Anna's grandmother was Catholic. The obituary reports that the funeral took place at the St. Paul The Apostle Catholic Church, and that DeLores was buried at Our Lady Queen Of Heaven Cemetery. For any families, a Catholic funeral would be nothing out of the ordinary; however, the Duggar family has been very vocal about their belief that Catholics are not real Christians.

In fact, the Duggars are so adamant that Catholics need saving that they spend a lot of time in Central America preaching to the masses, most of which identify as Catholic. Therefore, it is somewhat surprising to learn that Anna's grandmother was a practicing Catholic at her death.

Regardless of religious belief differences, it seems that the Kellers and Duggars are uniting in support of Josh and Anna's marriage. If the photos are any indication, it seems the Josh Duggar may actually be more at ease with the Keller family than his own. In photos published InTouch Weekly show Josh looking miserable at a Mother's Day outing with the whole Duggar clan. While Anna appeared in good spirits, Josh was notably glum with witnesses claiming he appeared he wanted to be elsewhere.

What do you think about Josh Duggar being accepted back into the family by the Kellers? Do you think the family truly forgives Josh or are they simply trying to make things easier for Anna? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Instagram/Anna Duggar]