WWE Rumors: Big Cass Is In Line For A Huge Push With Or Without Enzo Amore

Three weeks ago, Enzo Amore was knocked out cold at Payback, and he suffered a serious concussion that has had him off of WWE television. Many fans were disappointed about this, since he and Big Cass were receiving a pretty major push from the company. Now, it's getting closer to his return, and that big push may continue but with a twist. Rumor has it that Big Cass could get a very big push with or without Enzo Amore.

Enzo and Big Cass were in the finals of the tag team tournament to determine the new number one contenders for the titles held by The New Day. Amore's injury at Payback had the match called early, and The Vaudevillains have moved on into the title scene, but everyone expected the other recently called-up NXT team to soon be back in the picture.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Big Cass may end up getting a push all on his own, and that's even if Enzo Amore returns soon.

wwe rumors big cass push vince mcmahon enzo amore
[Image via WWE]Vince McMahon is apparently very high on Big Cass and his opinion has stayed the same even with Enzo Amore out of action. Believe it or not, Vinnie Mac is even more inclined on giving Big Cass a single push right now rather than one with him in a tag team.

Anyone that has watched WWE for any length of time knows that Vince McMahon loves guys that have the look that Big Cass has. He likes the tall superstars with the great physique who are overly strong and can be seen as a monster-type of performer.

There has been some talk that Carmella could soon be called up from NXT to be paired with the tag team, but those plans may have changed as well. If Vince decides to keep Big Cass as a singles wrestler, Carmella could still be brought up, but paired just with him.

If this does happen, there's no real word on what would happen to Enzo Amore.

wwe rumors big cass push vince mcmahon enzo amore
[Image via WWE]Tonight is Extreme Rules, and Big Cass isn't scheduled for the event, so it's not likely that Enzo Amore will return at this time.

According to Ringside News, Enzo Amore had been pulled from all WWE events through May 20, so his return could come as soon as Monday Night Raw. Some may think that three weeks is a long time for him to have been out, but there's a big reason for it.

Apparently, Amore didn't just suffer a concussion in the match at Payback, but he was knocked out twice. One came early in the match when he caught a knee to the head and the second happened when he was whipped into the ropes. That is what led to the end of the match.

Original reports stated he was only knocked out when his head hit the ropes and ring mat, but it ended up being twice.

Vince McMahon may feel that both superstars can thrive on their own, but the tag team has been extremely successful since being called up from NXT a little over a month ago. Fans would hate to see them separated, but if they succeed, then it all works out.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are essentially a tag team with everything needed to be successful in the world of professional wrestling. They're both talented wrestlers who know how to work and are great on the mic. Amore is even better as the mouthpiece, and his small stature is evenly matched by the size and strength of Big Cass. If Vince McMahon is high on you, though, and he wants you to move ahead as a singles wrestler, then that's a push you can't pass up.

[Image via WWE]