‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Will Chris Succeed In Killing A Certain Main Character In Mid-Season 2 Finale? [Spoilers]

fear of the walking dead mid season 2 finale

Attention: This post contains spoilers about tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead episode, titled “Shiva.”

Fear the Walking Dead is set to air its midseason finale for Season 2 tonight, and fans of the popular spin-off of The Walking Dead are in for one of the most intense episodes of the entire series. The episode, entitled “Shiva,” is the last episode of the first half of Season 2, and it may be the turning point for many of the show’s main characters.

While the zombie apocalypse has progressed rather quickly in Fear the Walking Dead’s short run, many of the characters have been able to hold onto their mortality. Sure, they have had to do what was necessary to protect everyone, but they are still not even close to where Rick Grimes’ group is at on The Walking Dead. While that is true for the majority of the group, Chris (Lorenzo Henrie James) has been heading towards a path of destruction for the majority of Season 2.

After losing his mother in the final episode of Season 1, Chris put the blame on his father, Travis (Cliff Curtis). Since Chris’ mother was going to turn into a walker, they had to shoot her. While this was the necessary action in order to protect the group and spare her from becoming a zombie, Chris refuses to believe that this was the answer. This appears to have been the start of his downward spiral.

After seemingly taking a certain joy in killing walkers throughout the season, certain characters had become somewhat fearful of Chris and his mindset. Regardless, Travis basically refused to believe that there was anything wrong with his son, and Chris was basically given free reign to do what he wanted. In the fourth episode of Season 2, entitled “Blood in the Streets,” a group of people on a raft approached the Abigail boat. Chris asked if he should shoot the group, which included a pregnant woman. He was told no, which ultimately ended up being a huge mistake.

After allowing the strangers on the boat, Travis’ group was taken hostage. While everything eventually worked out for the good guys, Chris ended up shooting Reed (Jesse McCartney), who was one of the members of the raft that took over the Abigail. While Chris claimed that Reed was going to turn into a walker, certain characters doubted his sincerity.

After the group safely arrived in Mexico, walkers in a local village attacked them. At one point, Madison (Kim Dickens) was almost killed, and Chris just sat there and watched it happen. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) saw exactly what Chris did, and she later confronted him about it. While he denied it, Chris eventually threatened Alicia to keep her mouth shut regarding what she saw.

Fear The Walking Dead Midseason 2 Finale Spoilers
At the end of the latest episode, Chris entered the room where Madison and Alicia were sleeping. After picking up a knife, he put it down after he heard a gunshot. Madison and Alicia woke up, and they told him to immediately leave the room.

As reported by the Fear: The Spoiling Dead Facebook page and TV Geek Talk, Chris is going to attempt to kill two different characters — a little boy and his own father, Travis.

“When Travis finds Chris, Chris is still struggling psychologically and he tries (but fails) to escape from his father. Chris manages to get his fathers’ knife and then slashes at Travis. Travis then realizes that Chris really needs help.”

Up until this point, Travis has still been Chris’ biggest supporter. While Travis will likely continue to try and help Chris, it is going to be much more difficult with the progressing zombie apocalypse. In addition to his father, Chris also threatens to kill a young boy.

“After the confrontation with Madison and Alicia, Chris completely takes off, and it isn’t until the end of the next day that Travis is able to catch up to him. But, that’s not before Chris holds a little boy hostage and threatens to kill him.”

While it appears as though Chris will not kill anyone in tonight’s episode, he is going to be a problem for the group moving forward. Comparable to Shane (Jon Bernthal) in The Walking Dead, Chris is at a place mentally where none of the other members of the group are. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) eventually takes on some of Shane’s characteristics, but the process takes a long time. Whether or not the group can find a way to exist with Chris remains to be seen, but it is unlikely that this will be the last time that he threatens someone’s life.

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