JoJo Fletcher’s Final 3 ‘Bachelorette’ Picks Leaked, Which Men Head To The Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates? [Updated]

It is time for ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season featuring JoJo Fletcher as she looks for love. She may have been left with a broken heart after Ben Higgins’ Bachelor season, but now she is taking the reins and hoping that this time she can find the man of her dreams. Blogger Reality Steve is spoiling this season as usual, and he recently shared the scoop on the last three bachelors that Fletcher keeps for the fantasy overnight dates. Which men are said to last that long?

Reality Steve’s spoilers teased that the hometown dates took place in a fairly typical manner this season, with four bachelors in the mix. JoJo Fletcher met the families of all four guys back in their home states and eliminated one at a rose ceremony afterwards. The Fletcher’s final three bachelors then reportedly headed to Thailand for the rest of filming.


According to Reality Steve’s spoilers initially, Robby Hayes, Jordan Rodgers, and Luke Pell were supposedly JoJo’s final three bachelors for Season 12. However, in updated Bachelorette spoilers, he now says that Chase McNary made the final three, but Luke was eliminated after hometowns. That actually gels with spoilers found in sleuthing forums elsewhere, so it seems quite likely that this spoiler revision is correct.

Carbone reports that Fletcher went ahead with the overnight fantasy suite dates with all three men, and that they took place in Hua Hin, Thailand. Not much has come out yet about the actual dates with Jordan, Chase, and Robby at this stage, but more should emerge once the extended Bachelorette spoiler previews for this spring begin to air.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have also detailed the final two and the final rose ceremony tidbits, but fans will have to wait a while yet to see if he was able to nail this season when it comes to the eliminations involving Rodgers, Hayes, and McNary, as well as regarding Fletcher’s final rose and supposed engagement. Carbone has teased some conflict and drama on the way in terms of these lead bachelors and the big ending, but as is usually the case, viewers may not see all of that play out on their television screens.


Fans will also be wanting to keep a close eye on how these final three men are edited throughout the season, as it would not be a surprise to see one of them snag the gig as the Bachelor 2017 lead. A choice will not be announced until the fall, with filming typically beginning in September, but Bachelorette fans are already buzzing about the possibilities. Will it be Chase, Jordan, or Robby handing out roses next winter, or will the show go with one of the other bachelors from Fletcher’s group?

What does JoJo have to say about how her journey played out? Of course, she cannot reveal much yet in terms of specifics, but Fletcher is starting to do her media rounds, and she is sharing a few teasers. As Reality TV World notes, the Bachelorette says that, so far, she’s happy, and this leaves fans feeling hopeful.

“Yes, I will say this. The way that everything played out and how it ended, I am happy right now. And I’m pleased with how the season went down.”

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers be accurate about how things play out this spring? Overall, this track record is strong, and he has been teasing a specific frontrunner for Fletcher ever since filming got started.


However, when it comes to the Bachelorette final rose, there have been some glitches in Reality Steve’s spoilers along the way in the past. Fans will be watching week by week to see how things are shaping up and cannot wait to see if JoJo finds the man of her dreams.

ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season premieres on Monday, May 23, and will air through July. Will Jordan Rodgers, Chase McNary, and Robby Hayes pan out to be JoJo Fletcher’s final three bachelors just as Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated? Viewers are buzzing about this season and will be anxious to see how things play out.


[Image via Mike Fleiss/Twitter]