Prince Harry: What’s Next For The Royal? And Is The Queen Really Making Him Take Elocution Lessons?

Prince Harry is a busy royal, and is always happy to get involved with, and give time to, a great cause. The Prince has been an advocate alongside his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and brother, Prince William, to bring awareness to mental health issues, and has most recently been an attendee and supporter at the Invictus Games in Orlando, where the Prince spread the message as to how sports can allow wounded veterans and military members a boost in spirit.

A spokesperson says that Harry is to take that same enthusiasm to “four key areas where he feels his intervention can make a real difference.”

People shares as to Prince Harry’s upcoming efforts.

“[For starters,] he will work on conservation and sport-related projects with children and young people,”

His experience as a patron of Sentebale for over a decade, is to continue to widen his advocacy in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The publication shares about the progress the area has seen in regards to health care.

“Sentebale opened a children’s center in Africa in November and, as he said in a speech in Florida earlier this month, they are working with partners and government departments ‘elsewhere across southern Africa.’ Harry also confirmed that they are ‘expanding our camp program into Botswana.’ “

Additionally, Harry was sure to follow the lead of his late mother Princess Diana, and visit a hospital in London where he brightened the day of patients battling HIV. His work with the veterans, however, will continue to be the Prince’s main focus as the next Invictus Games are already slated for Toronto in 2017.

His spokesperson also reminds that when it come to the veteran cause, it “will continue to be a priority with a particular focus on veterans’ mental health through the Heads Together campaign.” The publication shares details based on words from the rep and Harry’s own reasoning behind being invested in the cause.

“The prince believes that if tough military people can be open and talk about the issues they face, then it could present a good example for anyone in the community to do so too. He is sensitive to what many of his former colleagues continue to go through. Just before the games.”

Prince Harry spoke openly with the publication as to how the military service way of life can have a severe effect on a person’s outlook, and noted that many military members need support following tours and service.

“Once you’re in that dark hole, that slide show is constant, one after the other. Those who do suffer from [flashbacks], we need to be able to help them. It’s not a life sentence, far from it. If we’re able to talk about it and give them the platform, then great.”

On a separate occasion, while visiting Orlando, Harry added to this point.

“Everyone needs to help and needs to talk about it. The stigma around mental health is a big issue. I don’t necessarily have the answers, but I know for a fact that just being able to talk about it early on a huge deal.”

Although the Prince seems extremely well spoken when sharing these admirable words, there are rumors swirling that the Queen has requested her grandson take elocution lessons. The tabloid goes to the point of stating that the Queen cringes whenever Harry speaks and has finally taken matters into her own hands by seeking him lessons for his speaking. However, the tabloid that is the root to the story is known for inventing falsities and Gossip Cop has learned that the tales are mere “rubbish.”

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Invictus Games]