Britney Spears: Get Her Beachy Waves And Her New Game

Britney Spears is one busy mother of two, seeing as she’s still a popular Vegas resident with her “Piece of Me” tour and she’s working on her new album. Spears, additionally, is getting prepped to perform at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday and she will likely stun the crowd with her dance moves and voice, along with her always-gorgeous locks and appearance.

As a tribute to the star, Spears’ hair guru has shared about the way she assists the star in achieving the flowing tendrils, and natural wavy look, so fans can step out with equally as gorgeous locks as their idol.

Lorenzo Martin, Brit’s stylist, spoke with Billboard about her golden mane and what he does to get the beautiful results.

“Working with Britney is always a fun and exciting vibe. I’m thinking we’ll probably do something very sexy and effortless.”

Britney Spears is always looking racy in her outfits for any given performance. However, her flowing locks are the cherry on top of the whole look and add to the appeal of the look. The steps are not elaborate or difficult, as the publication relays.

“To get that sexy and effortless wavy look Spears is known for (think Circus or Femme Fatale), Martin will blow her hair dry with a medium size round brush and set the hair in large hot rollers, which helps ensure it will last all night long. To minimize frizz during this process, Martin suggests using ‘a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and, if possible, let your hair dry naturally.’ “

Following this, after the hair has cooled down a bit, Martin shares that he brushes Brit’s hair out with a vent brush and then curls it using a variety of curling irons of different sizes, and ensures to curl in “vertical, alternating sections.”

The final step involves the stylist using a favorite product, the Wave Spray by OUAI, which is a company started by Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Jen Atkin. Martin claims that the product always “expands the hair and gives it amazing texture; a ‘just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly’ look.” We all need a little bit of that magic in our lives, right ladies?

As mentioned, the pop princess is a busy girl these days and she’s adding one more endeavor to her list. This involves a mobile game app that has already launched, much like Kim Kardashian’s and Katy Perry’s versions that came before her.

Fortune shares the description of the game that can be purchased at the Apple Store.

“Glu Mobile describes the game as one that allows ‘players to morph into pop stars fighting for fame and fortune in the music industry.’ You can design your own cover art, record songs, and perform on stage, virtually working your way up from playing at small venues to becoming an international celebrity. Though it’s free to download the game itself, there are inevitably in-app purchases that range from $0.99 to $99.”

As the publication shares, many celebrities have gone the route of offering fans a mobile game app. Some of these have proven to be extremely popular, while others have pretty well flopped. Kardashian’s game, Hollywood, for instance, was massively successful and has earned the reality star over $150 million as of this past March. It reached the top of the Apple Store charts in just 2 days being available. Katy Perry, however, did not achieve the same results. ” ‘Katy Perry Pop’… couldn’t even break the top 100 at its peak,” as Fortune shares.

Hopefully Britney’s app will experience success similar to Kim K. and not to that of Katy Perry’s.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]