Did Tamar Braxton Just Get Fired From Her Talk Show ‘The Real?’

Tamar Braxton/Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty

Tamar Braxton may be out of a job according to early reports from multiple sources. Braxton, who is a co-host for the daytime talk show The Real was reportedly fired after failing to “read well with audiences” and Tamar’s rumored difficulty with production team members according to a story published on the website of television and radio personality B. Scott.

Braxton cryptically took to her social media accounts earlier in the day stating that she had been “stabbed in the back” by someone she trusted. Though Braxton was quick to point out it was not her man or fellow famous sisters including singer Toni Braxton, Tamar’s mysterious Facebook post also stated she wouldn’t reveal who had done her wrong.

Tamar Braxton shares a picture and post on her Facebook page discussing her state of duress. Image via Tamar Braxton Official Facebook.

Braxton appeared to shut down her Instagram and her Twitter account had one simple tweet from today:

Whether or not Braxton is indicating she is laughing off rumors or amused at the preposterousness of whatever drama is going on in her life, Tamar’s lack of willingness to share the details left many fans wondering if Braxton was mentally okay, or if they needed to boycott The Real in solidarity with Tamar’s release.

Tabloids began to speculate at the end of last year that the relationship between Tamar Braxton and the producers of The Real were beginning to sour and that the set was more relaxed in Braxton’s absence while dealing with pneumonia. At the time, tabloids also ran amok with rumors that Braxton was feuding with her Real co-stars and fellow Real-er Loni Love attempted to squash the attacks on Tamar by posting a photo on her Instagram of all The Real ladies snuggled in bed with Tamar’s kids as she recuperated.

'The Real' cast shows support to Tamar Braxton as Braxton recovers from pneumonia. Image via Loni Love Official Instagram.

Tamar, who also co-stars with her sisters Toni, Traci, and Trina Braxton in the reality series Braxton Family Values, has been known to not back down from an argument. In fact, Entertainment Tonight recently shared a clip of the season premiere of Braxton Family Values in which Tamar and her sisters get into it regarding the care of their mother after a health scare.

So far, The Real producers and Braxton’s fellow cast mates have remained mum as to whether or not the rumors of Tamar’s firing are true. If Tamar Braxton has been cut, it might because producers feel it is a comfortable time to shake up the cast. According to Deadline, The Real was renewed for two seasons in October of 2015, meaning that even with the loss of the dynamic Tamar, the television show would have another season to iron things out in the wake of replacing Braxton.

Whatever it is that is going on with Braxton, Tamar is sure to land on her feet. Tamar had a lucrative and successful music career prior to joining The Real in 2013, and Braxton even received a Grammy nomination this year for her song “If I Don’t Have You.” And despite the multiple on-air arguments between the Braxton sisters on their reality show, Tamar’s role on Braxton Family Values is likely secure due to that unbreakable sisterly bond.

[Tamar Braxton cover image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.]