Kim Kardashian Defends Pregnancy Scare Reveal Claiming ‘What Do I Really Care If I Was Pregnant Again?’ [Video]

Kim Kardashian has gotten some flack for Snapchatting a play by play of her recent pregnancy scare in an airplane bathroom, but as far as Kim is concerned, she was just giving her fans what they want. During a 4 a.m. London time follow up Snapchat, Kim defended sharing her pregnancy scare, telling fans “what do I really care if I was pregnant again?”

Kardashian, who has two children with husband Kanye West, reportedly loves being a mother, and would welcome a third child, although she has made it clear she doesn’t want any more children. Both of her past pregnancies were difficult for Kim, who told E! News last November that she suffered from “[e]very medical issue that you could probably have” while pregnant with her second child.


In fact, during both pregnancies, Kim suffered from “placenta accreta,” a potentially deadly condition, which is why Kardashian claims she doesn’t want more children. While pregnant with her son, Saint, Kim Kardashian confessed that she had “a little bit more anxiety” because “it’s really inevitable some of the issues that I’m going to have.” At the time, Kim explained that she was going to “have a high-risk delivery and all of that gives me such anxiety.”

Luckily, Kim Kardashian delivered her son without incident, although he did have to be delivered early because of her condition.

Buying six pregnancy tests before her flight to confirm whether she was pregnant for a third time, Kim explained that she was “legit in the airplane bathroom about and I’m going to take a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare.” While Kim clearly was stressed, she told fans it was “no big deal,” to take the tests, and to her, it was no big deal if she was pregnant again.

Kardashian revealed to her Snapchat followers that she thought she was pregnant because she didn’t get her period this month, adding that she took the pregnancy test because she “was just really confused,” and that she “couldn’t stand to be, like, on a whole plane flight for 10 hours without knowing.” Kim was on a flight to London with her husband, Kanye West.

Kardashian then inexplicably told her fans that she “decided to put it on Snapchat,” to cope with the confusion, finally posting a photo of her negative pregnancy test and confirming that she wasn’t pregnant.


In an early morning follow up Snapchat following her pregnancy scare, Kim defended making the incident public over social media, after some fans criticized Kardashian for oversharing. Taking the opportunity to “discuss” her social media shares with her followers, Kim explained that “[s]ome people were asking me, ‘Why would I Snapchat the pregnancy test on the airplane?'”

In her defense, Kim confessed she “just thought it was like funny, because I’ve been so private before and what do I really care if I was pregnant again?'”

While Kim clearly was happy she wasn’t going to have a third child, Kanye West might have felt differently. In a past interview with Ellen DeGeneres, West confessed that he was waiting to “see what happens,” before adding that he’s “fine to just practice.”

While Kim might have been losing sleep over whether she should have shared her pregnancy scare, clearly her husband wasn’t. In the same Snapchat conversation in which Kim defended herself, Kardashian also gave the world a glimpse of Kanye while the rapper was sleeping. In fact, he was so sound asleep that Kim pointed out that “[h]e’s like passed out,” asking fans “[d]o you hear him snoring?”

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[Photo by: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]