Bruce Willis Dances In Silly Levi’s Ad From 1984 [Video]

Bruce Willis wasn’t always the bald, tough guy action hero who has been kicking bad guys butts for going on three decades. No, he was once a happy-go-lucky guy with flowing hair who liked to show off his smooth dancing moves.

This week evidence of the old Bruce Willis showed up thanks to BuzzFeed, which somehow uncovered a Levi’s ad from 1984 that features Willis dancing. The quality of the video isn’t great and he’s not exactly easy to pick out minus the signature bald head, but the guy at the end of the commercial with the yellow jacket is indeed Bruce Willis.

The ad “is a time capsule of bad ’80s fashion,” Yahoo!’s Movie Talk blog noted. It is also the stereotypical 80s commercial, a cheesy montage of all the things people do wearing Levi’s 501 jeans, like roller skating, washing a car, and driving an old pickup truck. For Bruce Willis, one of those things is dancing.

Bruce Willis’ hammy performance in the Levi’s commercial comes at a time when the aging action star is staging a comeback of sorts. Though the star of The Sixth Sense and the Die Hard trilogy has never left acting, he’s handed the title of Hollywood’s go-to action star to a new crop of younger actors.

But then came The Expendables, a haven for over-the-hill action stars to show that they can still cut it. The movie took the No. 1 slot at the box office and earned Bruce Willis plenty of praise and good reviews. Willis’ presence alone is enough to add about $13 million to the box office gross of the movie, the Christian Science Monitor noted.

But even for his continued firepower as an action star, it’s hard to forget that this is the same Bruce Willis that likes to dance in his Levi’s 501 jeans.