‘Hoff The Record’ Star David Hasselhoff On Going Broke And Finding Love

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David Hasselhoff says he wants to stay relevant and that seems to be fairly easy for the veteran actor, considering that there’s so much going on in Hasselhoff’s professional and personal lives. As far as David’s career is concerned, the actor just returned to the United States, following a successful run in the U.K. theater circuit, and already has a reality based sitcom, Hoff the Record, with a growing interest among fans. Personally, Hasselhoff makes headlines almost daily, as he pursues a court battle with ex-wife Pamela Bach over lowering alimony payments. Even as fans rally around the Hoff over this battle, David reveals he’s again found love in a May-December romance with Hayley Roberts, stirring online interest in the couple’s impending wedding plans.

David Hasselhoff Fights One Ex-Wife And Woos A Future Wife

The Hoff the Record star is getting personal in court pleas, hoping to receive a reprieve from alimony payments to ex-wife Pam Bach, which Hasselhoff says are placing an extreme hardship on his life. While he may have once been able to afford to pay Bach $252,000 a year in alimony, David says the millions he earned from starring on Knight Rider and Baywatch are long gone and he no longer has access to the money required to support his ex-wife’s lifestyle.

In filing recent court documents, Hasselhoff says he has no more than $4,000 to his name.

Meanwhile, the Hoff the Record actor says he’s very happy in his romance and engagement to Irish model Hayley Roberts. David says the only problem the couple currently faces has to do with the paparazzi. Mr. Hasselhoff says he and Roberts were being confronted by photographers at every turn and that attention only worsened, as David and Hayley announced news of their engagement.

“Now we know where to go, where not to go, make sure we suck our stomachs in so they don’t keep saying I’m old and she’s helping me around – other than that, it’s been really great,” says the Hoff the Record actor.

Hoff The Record And Baywatch Present Golden Opportunities For David Hasselhoff’s Return

I love these guys! Hoff the Record…I Do!!

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David returned to U.S. television with an exaggerated look at his own life, proving that the actor has been through enough in his life that he’s now able to laugh at himself. Hoff the Record presents a fictionalized version of Hasselhoff, embellishing upon every aspect of his life. While David has two ex-wives, his Hoff the Record character has five, and where he has daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley in real life, David’s Hoff the Record alter ego has just one son, an illegitimate German boy.

“I don’t think I’m going to get this close to such a good series for a long time, it’s very difficult to get a series people will laugh out loud at and everyone loves,” David says.

Hasselhoff has been sober since a 2007 home video of himself in a drunken stupor opened his eyes to what he had become and he now takes his health very seriously, doing what he can to stay fit and to enjoy life. David recently hit the gym to prepare for his role in the new Baywatch film. While he has always maintained a good physique, Hasselhoff says that it was important to tighten up, due to the 20 pounds added by the camera. He says he does 20 minutes on the bike and rides vigorously enough to get his heart rate up to 140, which is the equivalent of a 40-year-old.

It was important to David that he didn’t look foolish in his Baywatch return, so working out and getting fit was his top priority. Playing Mitch Buchannon from 1989 to 2000 left his fans expecting David to look good in his red trunks, so Hasselhoff has worked hard to regain that former look. He also approached the Baywatch film’s producers about what type of film they were making, adding that their answer would influence his decision to appear in the Baywatch movie.

“I spoke to the producer, to Dwayne and to Zac, and [said]: ‘If you’re going to make fun of the show, I’m not interested’,” said Mr. Hasselhoff. “Dwayne’s not a guy who wants to take the p**s out of anybody. He gave me a tremendous amount of respect and so did Zac. When I came on the set, they actually got what Baywatch is about. We always knew to play it real and we had heart, humor and action in every script. There was something for everybody.”

Baywatch, starring David Hasselhoff, Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Dwayne Johnson, is scheduled for a May 19, 2017, theatrical premiere.

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