Attention Vegans, Happy Hour Just Got A Lot Happier: Baileys Is Making An Almond Milk Liqueur

Attention all lactose-free fans, Baileys – the makers of the most popular cream-based liqueurs – is introducing a new spirit made with real almond milk.

Made with a brilliant mixture of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water, and vanilla, the new product, “Almande,” blends the nutty flavors of almond milk with real vanilla to create a deliciously creamy drink.

According to the Baileys website, “Almande is deliciously light tasting and best enjoyed over ice or in a chilled cocktail.”

Attention Vegans, Happy Hour Just Got A Lot Happier: Baileys Is Making An Almond Milk Liqueur
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The Baileys website lists three Almande-inspired recipes, including the Baileys Almande Crush, made with three ounces of Baileys Almande over crushed ice; the Baileys Almande Refresh, made with three ounces of Baileys Almande and three ounces of coconut water, poured over ice; and the Baileys Frozen Frappe, made with one cup of Baileys Almande and one cup of ice, blended.

While it is still unclear as to why Baileys decided to create a vegan version of its classic liqueur, a company rep told My Vegan Journal it was due to the shift toward plant-based foods and part of an effort to “get with the times.”


According to One Green Planet, the plant-based food sector experienced an 8.7 percent spike within the past two years.

In fact, this May 23, U.S.-based food companies joined forces to launch the Plant Based Foods Association, the first trade group to represent the fast-growing plant-based food sector. According to Food Bev Media, the association will engage in education, promotion, and advance policies to meet the increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods.

“Every other sector of the food industry – from sugar to organics – is represented in the policy arena,” Michele Simon, executive director of The Plant Based Foods Association said in a statement. “The time has come for the plant-based food industry to also have a collective voice.”

Newly released data from natural and specialty product retail sales data company, Spins, shows the total market for this sector – excluding data from Whole Foods Market – tops nearly $3.5 billion in sales, Food Bev Media reports. The category includes plant-based versions of meat, tofu, milk, yogurt, cheese, and cream.

Plant-based milks are driving the growth of the industry as a whole, with $2.1 billion in sales and a 14.4 percent growth in total sales volume within the past two years. Plant-based meats, including meatless nuggets, burgers, tempeh, and tofu, drive over $865 million in sales, with burgers representing the largest portion of the meatless category, and tofu leading the growth at 7 percent within the last two years. Plant-based yogurts are also starting to take off. With major advances in flavor and mouthfeel, plant-based yogurts have seen a growth of 12.7 percent over two years.

“Our data shows strong growth of this food sector,” Kora Lazarski, Spins’ strategic alliance manager said. “With a new trade association focused on developing this industry further, we expect these figures will continue to grow in the coming years as new products are launched to meet consumer interest and demand.”

The association predicts that the plant-based food industry will continue to grow within the next few years.

“In the next five to ten years, we are going to see a massive explosion of interest in plant-based foods. We are going to see many new companies and many success stories,” Jaime Athos, CEO of The Tofurky Company and board president for the Plant Based Foods Association said in a statement.

Founding board members of the association include Daiya Foods, Follow Your Heart, Miyoko’s Kitchen, The Tofurky Company, and Upton’s Natural.

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