WWE Rumors: John Cena To Get Huge Push And Immediately Win A Title Upon His Return

wwe rumors john cena return united states title rusev monday night raw

This Memorial Day, there is going to be a big return to WWE, and it’s a superstar that has missed a great deal of time due to injury. Yes, John Cena is heading back and will make his big return on Monday Night Raw on May 30, and rumor has it that some big plans are already in place for him. Actually, it is being said that Cena will win a title almost immediately upon getting back in the ring.

The return of John Cena is confirmed, and it’s a bit earlier than some may have thought he’d be back. It was in October of last year that Cena lost the United States Championship to Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. From that point, he wasn’t seen again until late December, and from there, he was only around for a month.

Cena went back out again in late January with a shoulder injury that required surgery and then made a one-time appearance at WrestleMania 32. Now, he’s on his way back to a full-time return and Daily Wrestling News is reporting that he’s not only going straight after a title, but he’s going to win it too.

Talk started up this week that Cena was going to win the United States Title upon his return and begin the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge again. It’s not known who he will win the title from, but if it’s going to happen soon then it will likely be Kalisto or Rusev.

wwe rumors john cena return united states title rusev monday night raw
Tomorrow night at Extreme Rules, Kalisto will put the U.S. Title on the line against Rusev, and an interesting note should be made here. Kalisto is the star that John Cena hand-picked to take on Alberto Del Rio back in January and since then, he’s done a great job as the U.S. Champion. Yes, he had to battle Del Rio a few times to finally lock in the title as his own, but he succeeded.

Cena is about to be very busy when he returns to the ring, as not only will he have the hectic WWE schedule again, but there’s even more.

ESPN just reported this week that John Cena has been chosen to host the ESPYS on July 13, and it will be his first time leading the show. Needless to say, but Cena was taken aback and honored by them asking.

“They asked, and of course I said yes. It goes without saying it’s a tremendous honor. The prestige of the show grows every year. It’s unbelievable. I obviously accepted, but it doesn’t go without its share of nerves. I just want to do the show justice. I’m going to do my due diligence and hopefully we can have a great show.”

That won’t take a lot of his time, and he could likely win the U.S. Title right away upon returning to WWE and still be able to devote the time needed to the ESPYS. He could bring back the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge which gave a lot of great shots to Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and a host of others.

wwe rumors john cena return united states title rusev monday night raw us open challenge
With so many big names out due to injuries over the course of the past year, WWE is looking to push some big angles going into the summer. Cena becoming a champion right away again would certainly stir up a lot of talk and attention.

John Cena is the true face of WWE and it’s not surprising that the company wants to push him upon his return. If he doesn’t win the United States Title on Monday Night Raw, it’s expected to happen very soon after that. Whether it’s winning it off of Rusev or someone else, the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge appears to be making a comeback, and it will give a lot of new talent some big opportunities.

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