‘Star Trek’ TV Show Gets A Teaser

As the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer burst out of hyperdrive and into our computer or phone or tablet screens, it seems there was another fleet in the galaxy first. A few days ago, the new “Star Trek television show” got its first look at the CBS Upfront Presentation at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the teaser trailer, but there is not much to go off of. The 50 second video is sparse on details; however, it does present a wide range of possibilities. The very first thing to note is, according to Forbes, the TV Show will not center around James Kirk and his crew. Additionally, the producers of the series have stated the television show will not connect to the film franchise at all. So, that means viewers are in for a brand-new cast of characters exploring space who are independent from Paramount Pictures. Whether this new band of characters will be affiliated with Starfleet is unknown.

The video starts with a space camera panning to the Earth and its moon before activating hyperdrive; as the pan shot is happening, there is a narration simply stating CBS is presenting a new adventure. After the narration and the pan shot end, hyperdrive is activated, and the perspective zooms past Earth, through galaxies, into an asteroid field, around a sun-like star, and through some more galaxies before stopping in infinite space. The next image is the Star Trek logo. Just moments before the logo reveal, some text appears in synchronization with the cadence of the music. It reads, “New Crews, New Villains, New Heroes, New Worlds.” This, the last five or so seconds of the video, is where the limitless possibilities come from.

This new television show is enticing for a few reason:

  1. New Crews. We are going to see a new cast of characters, and—if I’m interpreting this correctly—the television show is not going to focus on just one of the many crews that exist in the Star Trek lore. That’s cool. (No offense, Kirk, Spock, and the USS Enterprise.)
  2. New Villains. We are going to see the bevy of villains the Star Trek universe has. From Khan to the Romulans to the Klingons to the Borg—and everyone in between—it is safe to say we are going to get introduced to fan favorites and unfamiliar faces.
  3. New Heroes. We are going to see the amazing things Starfleet is capable of. We may see the trainees of Starfleet Academy, the data analysts of Starfleet Intelligence, the soldiers of Starfleet Marines, or the tacticians of Starfleet Tactical. Whatever the case, no more Kirk.
  4. New Worlds. We are going to see fantastical new planets, galaxies, universes. Star Trek is already known for treading unfamiliar territories, but to speculate that even Star Trek could take us to even newer, further unexplored corners of space is exciting.

Are you excited for the new TV series? The show is set to record in Toronto in the latter parts of this year, and airing in January 2017. And, who knows, maybe space isn’t the final frontier.We’ll see what CBS and Co. have in store. Until then, live long and prosper.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]