Jennifer Aniston: Star's Yoga Guru Talks Finding Zen

Jennifer Aniston is known for her healthy lifestyle and flawless physique. She partakes in all types of physical fitness activities to keep herself looking great at 47. One form of exercise that Aniston is a regular participant of is yoga. Her instructor is one who many stars turn to in order to find their zen and achieve long, lean figures, much like Jen's.

As Harper's Bazaar shares, Mandy Ingber is a yoga guru to the stars, and Aniston is an endorser of the educated instructor. She reminds that yoga is so much more than a workout.
"Yoga is really all about process, acceptance and becoming more present, and I really want to show that it can expand off the mat."
Ingber also shares as to how important meditation is and how easy it is to be worked into your everyday schedule.
"Taking a 10-minute meditation break is something you can do anywhere in your office and it's so easy—you're not at the altar. Shut down your cellphone, become aware of your breath, and pay attention to any thoughts you have."
Mandy also shares about a handy meditation app called Headspace for those out there who need their phone at all times. Additionally, the guru also shares how yogi moves can be incorporated into anyone's workday while at the office.

"The forward bend really relaxes the nervous system and brings blood flow back to the brain," explains Ingber. "If you're at a desk chair, folding your body over and touching your toes does the same thing."

When it comes to getting the most out of yoga and meditation, breathing is key. It may sound strange, seeing as we are always breathing, but purposeful nostril breathing has wonderful benefits when seeking to achieve calmness and zen.

"I recommend this to all of my clients and it is such an amazing way to balance the hemispheres of the brain and calm the nervous system."
Other ways to calm nerves and relax the body after a stressful workday or vigorous workout is to try a wall pose. This is done by extending the legs up the wall while lying on your back. Ingber shares how this benefits the body.
"This action has the same effect as a headstand which reverses blood flow and calms the nervous system. I'd do this for 5-10 minutes at the end of the day."
We all seek to be grounded and stable in our lives in a figurative sense. Yet Ingber shares that the key to that is to physically ground yourself to reconnect and calm your energy. The yoga enthusiast calls this act "earthing." The action simply requires an individual to stand in bare feet on the sand and dig in toes firmly. As the publication shares, for those living in the big city, far and away from any beaches or sand, simply standing on a grassy area and doing the same thing will assist in feeling the benefits. Mandy attests to that fact that "is an excellent conductor and realigns the nervous system."

Jennifer Aniston has clearly benefited from the routines, and yoga instructor Mandy has an enthusiasm for keeping Jen grounded without being too hard on her. She advises often about ways to stay fit and healthy while not letting it own your life. Healthy Celeb relays Jen's words on the topic of exercise.

"It takes a lot of hard work to have a good and healthy body and I workout five or six days a week that counts to be almost every day."

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]