‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Is Hanna Dead or Alive?

is Hanna Dead Or Alive In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7?

What’s happening to Hanna in Pretty Little Liars Season 7? The latest trailer throws the possibility that she will be dead. Right at the end, the Liars and their boyfriends find someone that looks like her hanging from the rafters in what looks like the bell tower.

Since the Season 6 finale, there have been plenty of questions over Hanna’s fate. Nobody is giving a straight answer, and it is turning out to be like the break between Game of Thrones Seasons 5 and 6, where fans questioned Jon’s fate. The problem for Pretty Little Liars fans is there is no Red Lady to bring her back if she is indeed dead.

Melty shared the latest Pretty Little Liars Season 7 trailer, with the Liars saying that they had 24 hours to save their friend. They make their way into the bell tower at the end, screaming when they see a blonde hanging from the rafters. It isn’t clear that it is definitely Hanna, but it certainly looks like it.

Of course, it could be Alison. She is another prominent feature in the trailer, in the psychiatric hospital that she checked herself into at the end of Season 6. There have always been comments about how Hanna and Alison have looked similar, and from the back, that is definitely the case. Is it possible that A.D. has taken Alison from the hospital and strung her from the rafters instead?

It is also possible that the person isn’t either of the girls. A.D. may have put a blonde wig on someone, or there is the possibility that it is another runaway — similar to the way Sara Harvey was taken to pretending to be Alison in the dollhouse.

While many are questioning Hanna’s fate, others don’t believe that she will be killed off; especially not at the start of the Pretty Little Liars Season 7. She is a favorite character for far too many, and there is a growing triangle between Hanna, Caleb, and Spencer; even a square if Toby is added into the mix. This was featured heavily in the Season 6 finale, especially as Hanna told Caleb that she did return to the apartment but he was already gone.

Season 7 will be a quick-paced season, with clues revealed and answers given in each episode. Marlene King knows that fans were fed up with all the red herrings in the first five seasons and the drawn out storyline, only revealing Charlotte as A in the Season 6 mid-season finale. Fans enjoyed the quicker-paced second half of Season 6 and want to see that for Season 7.

This is likely to be the final season, especially with the current Liars. They need to work out who A.D. is, and there are plenty of theories doing the rounds. Some wonder if it is Andrew, while others think Wren will turn out to be the big evil after all.

It is possible that one or more of the Liars will die in the very end. Nobody has shared how it will end, but Lucy Hale previously said that she would like to see it all end miserably for the girls. They have been through too much to all get their happy endings.

The most recent trailer follows from a previous one showing the girls digging what could be a grave, while discussing their current situation. Mary Drake also pays Spencer a visit at Spencer’s home.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will air in June, when the fate of Hanna will be revealed. Fans will have to watch to find out if she is alive and for hints over who has actually taken her. They will also find out more about Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins.

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