‘Missing Dial’ News: Body Found Could Be Cody Dial

Cody Dial of 'Missing Dial'

Cody Dial went out on a solo trek in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park, and things didn’t go as planned. Now Cody’s parents want answers, and their new show Missing Dial is all about finding their son. People shared the details about this new show and what happened to Cody Dial back in 2014. Now everyone wants to know if Cody Dial has been located yet.

The day before Cody left for his trip, he sent an email to his parents. In this email, Cody said that he would be on the coastline and the main trail so it “should be difficult to get lost forever.” Sadly, this is exactly what happened to Cody Dial and his parents haven’t seen or heard from him since then.

Cody’s mom Peggy said that this is all that they think about, and the only relief they get is when they are sleeping. Cody Dial actually grew up going places like this with his father, and he should have easily been able to go through the area he was in by himself. Under Costa Rican law, Cody was required to hire a guide, but he didn’t do it. He was supposed to be out there for five days, but after 10 days his parents hadn’t heard from him yet.

His dad Roman headed to Costa Rica to look for his son where the government and Red Cross were already searching. Roman shared that they did not want him to help.

“They were doing a great job, but I wanted to do a more focused search in the area. I wanted to check the areas where he said he would be. They forbade me from going in the jungle because they were concerned about my emotional state. But I could not sit by the sidelines.”

The government finally stopped looking, but Cody Dial’s parents were not done searching for their son. They decided to bring in this film crew and make the six-part documentary Finding Dial. Within a week of the camera crews showing up, they had a break in Cody’s case. They spent seven months filming the show and looking for Cody. The FBI has now joined the investigation and Roman shared his thoughts.

“We’re really appreciative of all the help we have gotten from the Costa Rican authorities and the embassy and the FBI. I know this is one of many cases they have to work on but I feel like I have to do something about it because he is my son.”

Tico Times actually shared that remains that have been found in the area are very possibly Cody Dial. Friday, human remains were found inside the Costa Rica’s remote Corcovado National Park. These remains were found outside of the area that they originally searched for Cody. On Saturday, a group will hike into the area and get the remains that are believed to be Cody Dial. They found tennis shoes, camping gear, and more in the area that do match the description of the items that Cody had with him when he went missing. His dad Roman did say that he thinks the remains could belong to Cody. He stated, “I have really mixed feelings about it. In some ways, it is a relief but in other ways, it is still really heartbreaking.” This would finally give Dial’s parents the closure they have been looking for since he went missing.

Do you think that foul play is why Cody Dial is missing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Finding Dial on Sunday nights on National Geographic.

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