Mariah Carey Will Be Back on the Big Screen

Mariah Carey did not take her Razzie Award for her Glitter performance to heart– she’s going to be back in December in Tennessee. To refresh your memory, this was the film that prompted Mariah to buy out all the economy class tickets on a plane in order to travel. Have her diva ways improved? Probably not, but let’s hope that her acting skills have. Star reports:

Vivendi Entertainment has acquired domestic distribution rights for Mariah’s road trip drama Tennessee, which premiered last spring at the Tribeca Film Festival. The drama is about two money-challenged brothers who take to the road to resolve their economic and health challenges. Along the way they meet a waitress — played by the one and only Mariah — whose dreams of a singing career have been dashed by a bad marriage.

Are you ready for this one? I might dare to see it, since it’s been seven years since Mariah’s Razzie, and I feel like she deserves another chance. Then again, I also love trainwrecks, so I’ll be happy either way.