‘RHONY’ Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Adam Survives Plane Crash [Breaking News]

Carole Radziwills boyfriend Adam survives plane crash

Real Housewives of New York’s Carole Radziwill says that boyfriend Adam Kenworthy is lucky to have survived the plane crash over Des Moines, Iowa. Kenworthy was flying with his father, and the plane went down on a Des Moines hillside. Both Kenworthy and his father David Kenworthy were both taken to the hospital.

According to The Inquisitr, Carole Radziwill’s boyfriend Adam Kenworthy is a vegan chef that she met at Countess Luann’s house, where he was working a party on Real Housewives. Radziwill and Kenworthy are in a long-term relationship, but because Kenworthy had previously dated Luann’s niece, the Countess has issues with the relationship between Radziwill and Kenworthy.

TMZ reported that Adam Kenworthy and his father were flying, with Kenworthy’s dad at the controls when they reported engine trouble. After they reported the plane’s issues, it went down by a hillside in Iowa, but help was already on the way. Carole Radziwill is saying that Kenworthy was taken to the hospital but was released a few hours later with just some cuts and bruises.

KCCI out of Des Moines Iowa explained that Kenworthy, connected to Carole Radziwill of Real Housewives and his father David Kenworthy, 65, were in the plane when it crashed, but both are doing okay at this time. Carole Radziwill made a statement about Adam Kenworthy’s status.

“Adam was released from the hospital a few hours after the crash, and his mom says he suffered a few abrasions but will be fine.”

The plane flown by David Kenworthy is owned by the Oakwood Group, which lists David Kenworthy of Des Moines as its contact. The biplane reportedly crashed into a hill on Thursday after it tried to make an emergency landing after having engine trouble. Both men were said to have walked away from the crash. One man was said to have minor injuries, while the other was hurt more seriously. Considering the report from Carole Radziwill on Adam Kenworthy’s condition, it sounds like Adam Kenworthy’s father, David Kenworthy, had the more serious injury.

Des Moines EMS spokesman David Edgar released a statement to the press about what is known so far about the Kenworthy crash.

“They were both awake and alert and were able to explain you know kind of what happened. The pilot did an excellent job of locating a place to put it down, and I think that they probably almost made it over this gully here but didn’t quite make it. So I’m sure that his skill in finding a place to land saved their lives.”

The engine problems aboard the Kenworthy plane were discovered soon after the plane took off from the Des Moines airport, and it was quickly declared an aircraft emergency.

Cole Wittern and his family witnessed the crash of the Kenworthy plane on his property. He and others gathered on the road near the crash to take pictures and video tape the rescue.

“You never see this especially on your own property here. Very lucky, very blessed I guess to walk back from that.”

The FAA started an investigation into the Kenworthy crash on Friday morning and believe they will know more by next week.

Do you think that Adam Kenworthy and his father got lucky? Considering that Carole Radziwill lost her husband, do you think she was especially upset by this shocking crash?

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