Chumlee Arrest Update: ‘Pawn Star’ Reaches Plea Deal, Will Avoid Jail Time [Report]

A Chumlee update has been released by TMZ just days before the reality star is set to appear in court. The report indicates that the Pawn Star will be avoiding jail time after reaching a plea deal. Although Chumlee will be officially charged on Monday, May 23, following his March 9 arrest, this plea deal will save him quite a large headache.

Chumlee arrested
Chumlee (Photo by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images)

“The D.A. will charge Chumlee with felony possession of a firearm and felony possession of a controlled substance — but the twist is… his attorneys got him a sweet plea deal.”

Chumlee will be charged with two felonies, but will only be put on probation, according to the report. After he completes his probation, sources say that the charges will be reduced to misdemeanors. No harm, no foul. All Chumlee needs is for the judge to sign off on this and he will be a “free” man, set to put this all behind him and go on with his life. Of course, there is a chance that the judge won’t sign off on the plea deal and that could have Chum up a stream without a paddle.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chumlee was arrested after police entered his home on a warrant connected with a sexual assault claim. Authorities were working to find evidence of that claim when they found drugs and guns in Chum’s place and took him into custody. Earlier reports indicated that the woman who accused Chumlee of sexual assault was an employee at the pawn shop featured on Pawn Stars where Chumlee works as an appraiser. The name of this woman has not been released and her official identity is unknown. Many fans seem to think that this woman was just going after Chumlee for money. If this was the case, many will be happy to hear that he is not being charged.

Sexual assault charges have not been filed and the report from TMZ indicates that no such charges will be filed at this time. It is unclear if the case has been closed. Further information may become available after Chumlee’s court appearance next week.

“Police and Chumlee’s attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, ran an exhaustive investigation. Both sides found there was not enough evidence to charge him.”

Chumlee’s fate at Rick Harrison’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is also still unclear at this point. He has hinted at a return to work on social media, but he has not been filming for the show. The History Channel has not released any kind of statement surrounding this case, but it is presumed that Chumlee will still be on the show, perhaps after he completes his probation. Fans are hoping that he will still be on the show in the future and that his arrest didn’t ruin his reality television career.

In the meantime, Chumlee has been fairly active on his new Instagram account, posting for the first time on social media just a couple of weeks ago after several weeks of radio silence.

Are you happy to hear that Chumlee most likely won’t be going to jail? Do you think that Chumlee got off easy in this case? Do you think that this is the last we will hear of the sexual assault claims? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]