‘Total War: Warhammer’ Early Reviews & Game Details

For PC fans who enjoy turn-based strategy or real-time or tactics games, Total War: Warhammer appears to be a great game to consider.

Developer Creative Assembly is behind Total War: Warhammer. If you’re not familiar with the name, then perhaps you’ll be more familiar with the titles that they have released in the past. They’re the minds behind Alien: Isolation, the first-person video game whose objective is to navigate a space station while avoiding, outsmarting, and defeating hostile foes.

Total War is their latest project to be released, and some gaming sites have already weighed in with opinions of the real-time strategy game. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released to the public yet, as it is scheduled to drop May 24. If you want to gain some first impressions and ideas, however, the reviews will give you a look at what to expect.


Total War: Warhammer appears to set itself apart from other real-time strategy games with the fact that player and enemy units are vastly different from the norm. According to IGN, the units available to players are unique and offer strategies not usually seen in these types of games. Giants, vicious bats, Pegasus knights, and wizards are at the player’s disposal. They add a unique twist to the game with their attack animations, and they can be utilized in a number of ways depending on play style.

As you would expect, there are different factions that are available in Total War: Warhammer. The Greenskins offer a brute force type of tactic against enemies, while the Vampire Counts require an approach that uses more preparation than simply sending units into enemy encampments.

If you’re not a fan of creatures and vampires, then you’re able to choose the more human side of things in Total War: Warhammer. While not boasting a huge giant to tear down the masses, the humans more than make up for this with the mighty power of wizards. Dwarves, more machinery than anything else, are somewhat the same. They make up for their lack of magic with heavy artillery that is not to be taken lightly.

According to Gamespot, each campaign in Total War: Warhammer features leaders that players can choose from. They offer different boosts to the units that march to the player’s command, and they also possess skill trees that can be used to individualize the experience. There are abilities that span across the board, and there are some that are unique to each character individually. They’re powerful enough to take on an entire army of enemies, but this makes losing them a detriment to the player.


Total War: Warhammer also offers multiplayer. Up to eight players, online and local, are able to participate in the chaos and mayhem that are to be served up on the battlefield. The options for each faction are diverse, giving each skirmish a different approach and keeping the game’s pace fresh with every encounter.

All in all, Total War: Warhammer appears to be getting positive reviews. The only issue appears to be the camera, as it works in a way that makes getting a specific view of the action a minor inconvenience. After a certain point of zooming out, the camera switches to an overhead view of the fighting. Still, it’s a small nuisance in comparison to what looks to be a great game for PC users who enjoy real-time games.

Total War: Warhammer retails at $60, and players are able to pre-order now before the game’s release on May 24.

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[Image Via Creative Assembly]