Blac Chyna: Why She’s Not Marrying Rob Kardashian With A Prenuptial Agreement

Following the news that Rob Kardashian will not be marrying Blac Chyna with a prenuptial agreement in place, the former stripper has reportedly explained to family and friends why their marriage is better off without it.

According to sources, the 27-year-old thinks a prenuptial agreement is bound to cause problems in their marriage because it gives the impression the impression that Rob might not trust Blac, and in order to make sure she’s not after his money, he would protect his assets just in case.

Luckily for Chyna, however, Rob is on the same page as her, feeling that if the twosome were to have a prenup — the way Kris Jenner would have wanted it to be — there would be no need for the couple to get married because it shows that there’s no trust between the two.

Chyna has allegedly told friends that she’s made enough money to take care of herself, running a successful eyelash line out in Los Angeles, which is now expanding with the release of her own beauty products that are said to be selling very well.

All in all, Blac is a businesswoman who prides herself for never having to rely on a man to get her what she wants. If the marriage doesn’t work out, she is supposedly fine with Rob taking everything that he made during their time together while she will happily walk away with her own earnings.

“She’s got her own coins and it drives her insane when people, and some of Rob’s jealous family members, question her love for him,” a source dished. “Chyna’s not a gold digger. She’s in this with Rob for love and happiness and anything beyond that is just extra gravy.”

Blac Chyna thinks that the Kardashians are obviously up to their shenanigans again, as they might be insinuating that the 28-year-old is brainwashing Rob into the idea of not getting a prenuptial agreement so that she can empty his bank account once she files for divorce a year later.

This comes just days after Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian allegedly demanded that Rob take a paternity test once Blac gives birth, stressing that they are not convinced that the 29-year-old is the father the child.

The socialite seems to have grown tired of the slight digs that the Kardashians have thrown her way, but at this point, she’s simply focusing on her upcoming wedding to Rob, and if they can’t accept it, Blac couldn’t care less.

The insider concluded by adding that “Rob’s a gentleman and money doesn’t mean anything to him. He’s not greedy and materialistic like some of his family members — he believes in true love and that’s what he has with Chyna. Besides, he knows Blac’s with him because she loves him.”

On top of the successful businesses that Blac Chyna is already running, several networks have recently approached her and Rob to star in their own reality show.

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A source at the time alleged that the couple was interested but are waiting out for TV execs to make them an offer that they can’t refuse, reportedly holding out for a seven-figure deal.

With the attention and publicity that have surrounded Blac Chyna and Rob in the last couple of months, they are bound to sign on for a reality show in weeks to come, which will be entertaining because fans will then get to see how the former stripper handles her feud with the Kardashians, who are still having a hard time warming up to Rob’s baby mama.

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