WWE News: Update On Injured WWE Supertar Enzo Amore, Expected To Be Back Very Soon

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore and tag team partner Colin Cassady made quite an impression on WWE from the minute they debuted on the main roster. Many fans knew them from their time in WWE NXT and thought they were one of the best tag teams in the company. Despite this, they were continuously ignored when it came to the NXT Tag Team Titles. Many believe they will be WWE Tag Team Champions one day, but it is a travesty they never won in NXT.

When they arrived, fans were very happy. We all knew that coming in that they would have a real shot at becoming a major team in the WWE. Vince McMahon loves both big guys and great promo people. With Big Cass fitting one of those categories and Enzo fitting the other, it made total sense to think that WWE would use them well. They have thus far, but things took a turn at the beginning of WWE Payback when, in a match with Simon Gotch and Aiden English, Enzo was hurt.

He hit the ropes really hard and then hit the mat hard. Most knew something was up, but at the time, fans thought it was part of the story. It seems even The New Day didn't know what was going on as they looked on in horror just a few feet from a knocked-out Enzo Amore. The match was quickly called off, and Gotch and English were awarded the win. Many thought that Enzo might be at a very big risk, but thankfully, he was out of the hospital that same night and was diagnosed with a concussion. It obviously could have been worse, but thankfully, it was not. This led many to wonder when we would see him back in the ring.

Enzo Amore
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According to Ringside News, Amore was pulled from all events up to May 20. That means he will be out officially until tomorrow when WWE could be bringing him back to action. Most think that we won't see him back as soon as tomorrow, as it would make more sense to bring him back on a television show rather than a random live event due to the love he has garnered since his arrival to the main roster.

That means we could see Enzo Amore back as soon as this Monday on WWE RAW. It is uncertain if he will compete or just do a promo on the show, but having him back would be great. Before he can even do this, he has to pass the concussion testing that WWE forces all talent to go through. Interestingly, Enzo was knocked out twice at Payback. We know of the rope KO, but the other happened when he took a knee to the head.

He was clearly not out long when he took that spot, but the other most likely put him out because of the first one. This means that his concussion may have occurred originally with the first spot and got worse when he hit the second time. WWE may very well have Enzo Amore go up to Pittsburgh and pass tests with their doctor rather than have him see their ringside doctor like they have had others do in the past.

Cass Enzo
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Due to the very public knowledge of what happened to Enzo Amore, WWE won't take any chances and will want to be sure Enzo is ready to go and fully cleared before they allow him to get back in the ring. WWE may have just pulled Enzo from events up to today just as an initial idea of how long he might be out. They very well could remove him from other events if he has yet to pass all medical tests.

Having him back for WWE RAW on Monday would be ideal for WWE, but they will not force him back without being cleared. That said, we can still expect to see Enzo Amore back in the WWE tagging with his best friend Big Cass soon. If it is not this Monday, he very well could still make his way back before WWE Money in the Bank next month. The two are expected to take on The Dudley Boyz soon, possibly even Gotch and English, and then go after The New Day for the WWE Tag Team gold. That match is rumored to occur at WWE SummerSlam later this year.

[Image via WWE]