Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse as you’ve never seen him before

Want to see what Mickey, Goofy and the rest of the Disney crew look like in your kid’s worst nightmares?

Several conceptual drawings for a new Mickey Mouse game have been dug up by Internet detectives, many of which are decidedly creepy: imagine Disney meets Fallout 3. Think I’m kidding? Then scroll down to see Goofy in zombie form, flesh hanging from his rickety frame as he stumbles about, his eye sockets empty. Or how about Mickey himself, reimagined as some kind of hellish mechanical arachnid? Usually, this is the kind of fanart you’d see at the likes of deviantART, but these sketches appear to be for an actual, real game.

Rumors about a title called Epic Mickey (supposedly overlooked by Warren Spector, designer of the brilliant Deus Ex) first surfaced last year. This art would now appear to confirm the game’s existence. Further validation comes from the personal website of one Tony Pulham, an artist for Spector’s Junction Point studio, who lists the game on his resume as a “Wii Video Game.”

Also worth noting: leaked details have previously revealed that Mickey would go up against “a certain pesky plumber.” Mickey and Mario in the same game? A little bit of history right there, folks.

I’m just amazed Disney is willing to roll with this. You’ve come a long way since Castle of Illusion, mouse.







Check out more awesome concept art (in bigger sizes) here and here.

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