'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher's Relationship With Jordan Rodgers Started Before Filming, But There's A Twist That May Lead To Heartbreak

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher will greet 26 guys at the Bachelor Mansion when they step out of their limos on the May 23 season premiere. Although viewers will be led to believe that this is the first time JoJo lays eyes on the men cast for her season, that is reportedly not the case when it comes to contestant Jordan Rodgers.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Rodgers, a 27-year-old former pro-football player from Chico, California, may end up being one of the most talked about contestants in the history of ABC's popular reality show — before, during, and after JoJo hands out her final rose.

When filming got underway in mid-March, Us Weekly revealed that Jordan was an early frontrunner, something that was confirmed by blogger Reality Steve when he reported that Jordan not only got the first impression rose, but had a steamy make-out session with JoJo during the premiere night cocktail party.

But there's more to the story, including JoJo's relationship with Jordan before the show started filming, his quest to find fame, and information about another girl he promised to return to after filming wrapped up.

Jordan Rodgers Bachelorette
Jordan Rodgers [Image via ABC Television Network]Fans will notice on night one that there is instant chemistry between JoJo and Jordan, but according to Reality Steve's sources, they were talking before Bachelorette started filming. Apparently the sparks between them started long before Jordan got out of the limo at the Bachelor Mansion, but unlike the Kaitlyn Bristowe/Nick Viall controversy, their pre-show talks aren't part of this season's storyline and the other 25 guys may not find out until after the show that Jordan had an unfair advantage.

If that's not enough to get fans talking, Jordan reportedly wasn't just talking to JoJo before filming started. Steve's sources reveal that Jordan was with another girl the night before he headed to L.A. to join the Bachelorette cast. Sources say that he convinced her that his appearance on the show was "strictly business" and he wanted to continue their relationship when filming ended.

"Jordan is a total dog and a player. [He] was actually with another girl... the night before he left for filming. Not someone he was casually seeing, or occasionally dating. Someone who he had believing he wanted to be with her. He's yet to contact her and he's been back almost a week. She's completely embarrassed by it all and can't believe he did this."
Spoilers point to Jordan and JoJo getting engaged at the final rose ceremony, but not only does Reality Steve have his doubts about Jordan's true intentions, host Chris Harrison recently hinted that he may have come to find fame, not love.

"He's got game and is very good at wooing JoJo," Chris told Yahoo! "The billion-dollar question is if he is here to extend his fame or find love. Is he here to make a run to be the next Bachelor?"

Reality Steve states that becoming the next Bachelor was something Jordan had in mind when he was cast for the show, but he is also using the show to launch a career in sports broadcasting. Jordan "made it known to those close to him" that he wanted the gig, but may have decided that getting engaged to JoJo would give him more visibility in the media.

"Jordan made it known to those close to him that his plan going into the season was to get as far as he can, then eliminate himself so he could be the Bachelor," Steve writes. "He [then] realizes how much better he'll look with JoJo as an engaged couple. Magazine covers, media appearances, a boost in social media..."

If spoilers are correct and JoJo is engaged to Jordan, that doesn't mean he's not a man on a mission who will leverage his appearance on the show to boost his chances to land a job in broadcasting.

ABC affiliate KRCR-TV recently interviewed Jordan's father, Ed Rodgers, about his son's decision to go on the Bachelorette. He stressed that his son "doesn't have a problem" finding ladies to date, went on the show for "an adventure," and his goal is to find a "career in broadcasting."

Will JoJo end up at the altar with Jordan or will her Bachelorette love story fizzle out when she learns more about the guy Reality Steve calls a "skirt chaser"? Steve doesn't seem to be optimistic that their relationship will work out and hopes JoJo "comes to her senses."

"I think the guy is an opportunist, he took advantage of it, and he will ride this as long he can with her... too many people have told me his motives... So she's either along for the ride with him, or she'll come to her senses and realize this is not about them, it's about him."
Watch the Bachelorette Season 12 premiere on Monday, May 23, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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