HTC Touch Pro2 Going To T-Mobile Starting August 12th

The HTC Touch Pro2 has been a wildly popular Windows Mobile 6.1 device in the European markets and in North America via the devices unlocked GSM counterpart. Now reports are giving the device an August 12th 2009 release date on the T-Mobile USA network.

The Touch Pro2 features a large and crisp 3.6 inch WVGA display that offers Touch Flo 3D technology, alongside a 3.2 megapixel camera. It even offers…gasp…3G via the T-Mobile AWS network, an option sorely missed on many current T-Mobile cell phones.

The Touch Pro2 also features a full sliding qwerty keyboard, built-in GPS with a Sirf III processor, a MicroSDHC card slot, and the newest HTC option “straight talk” which creates super crisp speakerphone reception.

No word on pricing at this point, however we do know that the phone will come in a “Mocha” color, that’s industry speak for “sorta brown and metallic but not really.” [via SlipperyBrick]