Indianapolis Colts Going After ‘High Profile’ Trade

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is revving up the trade engine. The team’s never outspoken owner took to Twitter on Thursday to admit that a possible high profile trade could soon be completed. That trade is believed to be a high draft pick.

On Twitter, Irsay called the move a “serious” trade but also admitted that the type of high profile deal he is going after often falls through.

That tweet followed an earlier message in which Irsay said the “TRADE WINDS BLOWING.”

Irsay admits that he will have to open his checkbook big time in order to acquire the player his management team is seeking. Irsay than said Colts general manager Ryan Grigson has been given full permission to go after their guy.

At this time, the Indianapolis Colts have not given any indication as to who they are attempting to acquire. It is likely the team is going after someone for its offensive line or a cornerback, the two biggest areas of concern for the franchise.

When the Colts released Peyton Manning in favor of Andrew Luck, the team was given more room in their salary cap to acquire talent; at the time Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson said they would do whatever it takes to turn the Colts back into an NFL contender under the leadership of their young No. 1 quarterback draft.

Who do you think the Indianapolis Colts will try to snatch up with their blockbuster trade?

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