Can Video Games Have A Positive Influence On Your Child?

Tim Butters - Author

May 19 2016, Updated 9:21 a.m. ET

We’ve all read about the negative influence video games can have on our children, but are there any positive aspects to the art of gaming? Let’s set the record straight and find out.

The media in general loves to paint a stereotypical picture of an obese, hollow-eyed, and slack-jawed child sat motionless in a darkened room with their thumbs frantically twitching. Quite naturally, the fragile attention span of the aforesaid kid is always solely occupied by the garish violence and fantastic flicker emitting from the TV screen as they push buttons and indulge in mindless orgies of death and destruction courtesy of the latest video game.

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We’ve all heard the arguments. Video games rot the brain, lead to pathetic addiction, social isolation, the retardation of the imagination and in some cases extreme anti-social behavior. Obviously there is a strong case for not allowing your child to play adult-themed games such as any in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and no-one wants their little one to turn into a video game junkie incapable of separating reality from fantasy. However, ruling out video games completely from your child’s cultural diet can do more harm than good. And here’s why.


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