Kenya Moore Says Pregnancy Will Happen This Year, Not Comfortable With Announcement Yet

Kenya Moore has planted a seed after wrapping up The Real Housewives of Atlanta: she’s pregnant, but she’s still in the first trimester and doesn’t feel comfortable announcing anything just yet. Many people are waiting for her to make her first announcement so they can celebrate with her. But Moore has been so secretive about everything that she’s keeping fans on pins and needles.

Is Kenya pregnant? Well, Kenya dropped another major hint that she could be expecting her first child when she went to the NBC upfront presentations this week. According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is planting yet another seed about her pregnancy.

“Definitely, this year is my year, you know? So it’s going to happen,” Kenya Moore told the Daily Dish at the NBCUniversal upfront presentation this week, adding, “And you just have to watch and wait for an official announcement until I’m comfortable.”

It sounds like she wants people to know that she is indeed carrying a child but can’t say much about it. Maybe she’s just waiting to get the doctor’s final approval, or maybe she wants to find out what she’s carrying. And Kenya’s boyfriend, Matt Jordan, is also staying tight-lipped about her pregnancy. In fact, he has been very supportive of her decision to use donor sperm to have a baby. Even though he isn’t the biological father of the child, he has plans of raising it as if it’s his own child.

“He’s sweet. Yeah, he has a pretty amazing body, yes. He has to do yard work. He has to lift things and do all kinds of things around the house,” Kenya said about Matt, adding, “I’m just excited about it.”

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Kenya Moore revealed that Jordan may be moving into her new home with her. Maybe she wants to create that feeling of family, as he’s ready to settle down with her. And he’s been helping Kenya out with the home.

“We’re still doing some work. It’s a lot of dust and still little things around the house that we’re working on. I’m in there. Oh, it’s so peaceful,” Moore explained about her home, adding, “Oh my God! I drive home sometimes, I stop in the driveway, and I take photos of my house because it’s just so peaceful and I just couldn’t believe that that day would come.”

And Moore already has a favorite room in her new home, and it isn’t a nursery. In fact, she says that her bedroom is indeed her favorite place in the home because she’s built it in a very tranquil space, where she sees nothing but windows and trees.

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“I’m working on the furniture right now. I had to finish the house first and then decorate… I’m getting a custom bed made and it’s pretty awesome,” Kenya Moore explains of her interior design decisions, adding about her favorite piece, “Probably a lighting fixture that I just recently purchased. Lighting fixtures are everything. They underestimate lighting [but] lighting makes a room.”

It sounds like Moore isn’t talking about creating a nursery in this new home, but if she really was expecting a baby, one can imagine she’s already thinking about where the nursery would be. But since she hasn’t announced anything yet, it would just add fuel to the fire if she started talking about where the nursery would be.

What do you think of Kenya Moore hinting of the pregnancy once again? Do you think she is indeed pregnant and just waiting for the right moment to tell the world, or do you think she wants everyone to think that she’s expecting?

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