‘Supernatural’ Showrunner Changes For Season 12: Who Is Replacing Jeremy Carver?

Fans will be saying goodbye to Jeremy carver as Supernatural showrunner next week. The executive producer has decided to step down, despite the show getting renewed for Season 12. This is a show that has seen numerous showrunner changes over the years, with some good and some bad. Who will replace Carver, who has arguably brought the show back to the top of its game?

Supernatural Season 12 will go back to two showrunners. This has been the case for numerous seasons, and did work well for some of them. The good news for fans is that one of those showrunners has been an executive producer for the show from the very beginning. Robert Singer is taking over the reins, after previously stepping down from the showrunning last season.

Singer has also been a director and writer for the show. He knows the Winchester brothers completely, and he will make sure fans have a show they are proud of watching.

The second showrunner will be Andrew Dabb. He is the newer guy on the block, only being a story editor from Supernatural Season 4. He rose up the ladder to become a co-executive producer shortly after that and is now becoming the second showrunner for the series. Like Singer, he definitely knows the brothers well and will make Supernatural fans happy.

Dabb’s later arrival shouldn’t worry fans. Carver had only joined Supernatural as a writer in Season 3. He then left in Season 5 and returned to take over the reins in Season 8.

Cinema Blend reminds everyone that a change in the person running the show is nothing new for Supernatural. Season 1 to 5 were the brainchild of Eric Kripke. He only ever intended for the show to run five years, but the network picked it up after that. He decided to hand the reins over to others, and Sera Gamble took over for Seasons 6 and 7.

She stepped down at the end of Season 7, with Jeremy Carver taking over from Season 8. He was helped by Robert Singer for a short time. However, the position has never officially been shared until the new season.

Carver has said that he wants to work on a new show, Frequency. This is another CW show, so he is not going far from the Supernatural family.

There is hope that having two official showrunners will help to take Supernatural in a new direction. Some people have said the show has fallen flat from where it was at Season 5. It has struggled with direction, and it may not help that future seasons are not foreshadowed anymore. Kripke knew where he wanted to take the show for the first five years, and there are hints all the way back in Season 1 of things that happened in Seasons 4 and 5.

The CW does not plan to take the show off air, as long as the numbers remain steady. It does mean the showrunners will need to progress the show along for Season 12. Having two showrunners will allow them to bounce ideas off each other and find a formula that works.

There is only one more episode of Supernatural Season 11 left. It looks like the brothers will take a leaf out of Castiel’s past book, collecting souls to become more powerful. This could set up a dangerous storyline for Singer and Dabb to follow on from in Season 12. The aim is to destroy The Darkness and save the world.

Supernatural will air on Wednesday May 25, 2016. There is no confirmation date for the return of Season 12 yet, but there will definitely be a new behind-the-scene change with Singer and Dabb taking over from Carver.

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